Tuesday, April 29, 2008

day 4 stim check up

so i had my 4 day stim check up this morning @ 6:30:

Follicles: R:18 L:15 (nice!)
Mature Follies: none yet (none over 10mm)
E2=812 (too high!)
Lining= 7.5 (good- they like it @ 8 or above & i just finished AF)

so- the nurse called & told me to cut my gonal-f from 150iu to 75iu- this will help bring down my E2- help me not produce anymore follicles & help the ones that are there get "mature"
then i go back in on thurs (may 1st) for another check up!!! yay!
so i think everything is going well!!!
God Bless
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