Tuesday, June 3, 2008

wtf?! appt today

so i took the dog out this morning at 6, like every other morning. he ran off to pee & i hunched down on the step to wait for him to finish. all of a sudden i looked up and there was a deer. it was a doe & she was about 50 feet away at the edge of the woods. max hadn't seen her yet because he was facing me & peeing. she hadn't seen me yet because she was nosing around in the bushes.

i called max over and held onto him and told him to look. as he spotted her, she spotted us. max started wining and wiggling. she just stared at us for a minute & then trotted off. i let max go and he made a bee-line right after her. i called him back and ran inside to tell my husband.
he didn't really care that much, but it totally made my day. we live in a condo and it's not really a rural area. the "woods" that she was in are pretty sparse and i have never seen a deer in them before. so i thought it was pretty neat.

i'd like to be one of those people that could be like, "it's a sign!! of good things to come!!!" but what would that be a sign of? that i'm going to give birth to a fawn? no thanks. hah!

but we do have our WTF?! appt today and it's probably just a coincidence but still, it's pretty neat.
perhaps God just sent her out there to make my day. He's cool like that.

God Bless
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