Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a few things i'm excited about

#1. Breaking Dawn

Twilight Breaking Dawn Banner

it's no secret that i'm a Twi-hard.
bad writing & lameness aside- these books sucked me in from the get go. i read all 4 in 3 days. i barely slept & i got irrationaly angry & sad at all the right moments. when i closed the final book i cursed Stephanie Meyers for what she had done to me.

vampires? real & hot? able to sparkle, run faster than light & resist their desires for human blood?

no way. but...maybe? omg. ::squee::

i proudly proclaim myself Team Jacob & have no qualms over standing in line at the theater, dressed in sensible jeans, a fleece jacket & Dansko clogs; all the while surrounded by 100+ 12 year old girls in copious amounts of eyeliner & skintight black clothing.

while they giggle about how hot & smoldering Edward is i'm thinking "bish please. you wouldn't know what to do with him if he came with a manual."

...not that i would either (or want to, because hello, i'm married. duh) because let's be honest- vampires are cold & bloodless right? so how do...certain "things" actually even happen? i mean, i took sex ed & i know a little bit about the human body & things aren't adding up.
i am well aware that a bed or 2 is broken, feathers go flying, bella blushes & a horribly named little vampire/human girl is conceived - but if we want to get technical...NO! nevermind- let's just let certain things remain a mystery.

these books had me embracing my inner teen & all 3 movies have allowed me 2 hours each of uninterrupted made up shit bliss.
so i cannot wait for 11.18.11 (well, let's be realistic & make that 11.26, maybe later. because i'm too old & tired to go to opening night & then it's Thanksgiving week & i have to be a mature adult & roast a turkey while rolling out dough for a pumpkin pie. so yeah, let's just say sometime in late November- yay!)

#2: The Hunger Games


this is another semi-teen series that had me holding my breath, choosing sides & wiping away tears. though not nearly as lame as overly attractive vampires with hearts of gold- i still have to admit that these are way below an adult reading level...and i love them.

i polished off the series in 2 days (because i have a job & kids & blah blah blah) & crowed with delight when i discovered that they would be making them into a movie.
then they started putting out promo posters & cast interviews- and it's like Twilight all over again.

p.s. i'm team Peeta. all the way.

#3. Brynn turning 1

DSC_0040 copy

just kidding. i refuse to believe my child is almost a "toddler". ignorance is bliss & i'm going to embrace said ignorance & cling to my baby.

#4. Thanksgiving


family togetherness & thankful thoughts. good thoughts & wishing people well. yadda yadda. whatevers.
the truth is, i'm excited because i love turkey. i also love mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie & cranberry sauce...and eating so much food that it's really not ok but it kinda is because IT'S THANKSGIVING YA'LL!

#5. Decorating for Christmas & listening to Christmas Music.

i've made a vow (for the husband's sake) that i'll do neither until after Thanksgiving. so at the crack of dawn on Nov 26th i'll be throwing down with some tinsel & Christmas tree lights.
bring it.

and that's it. for now.
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Tales of a young mamma said...

I read them in 3 days also, safe to say Nothing got done.. And I got pissed at my husband for NOT being Edward. Yes I'm Team Edward and even have the shirt to prove it. I think pregnancy is going to keep me from the midnight showing this year though.. AAND I'm totally decorating for Christmas in like a week. I have excuses- like our friends from Sweden are visiting for Thanksgiving week and I want to have house decorate before that- plus we will be in Iowa from the 19th through New years most likely so I want to actually enjoy my decorations!!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I cannot freaking wait for November 18! I am PUMPED to see this movie. I am Team Edward, however, but I understand Jacob love. :) Those aforementioned sex scenes? Did you hear they got the movie an R rating and had to be cut a bit so they could be PG-13? Yeah. It might be more than my pregnancy hormones can handle! Ha ha.

Carol said...

1?? No freakin' way! I can not believe it! I'm with you all the way, and am totally team J too. I don't think I'll be making opening weekend, but be damned sure that when the bird is packed tightly in ziploc and nestled in the fridge, I will be making a trip to the theater, probably toting a hubby who is a closet fan and is dying to see the movie although will publicly denounce it the whole time while secretly squealing with delight.

mama foosa said...

i'm still lol'ing at the sensible jeans paragraph. hilarious.

i'll admit, i'm also excited about the movie. not as excited as i am to crank up christmas music though. it was all i could do with the snow last weekend to not turn on elf.

enjoy all your upcoming festivities :)

Sarah-Anne said...

i need to get on the HG bandwagon. like...NOWAH. heard they are amazing & your fangirl post isn't helping much ;)

Sarah said...

For some reason the teen books have sucked me in as well. I loved the Twilight and Hunger Games series. Have you read Matched by Ally Condie? Very similar vibe to The Hunger Games and the second book Crossed just came out.

Elizabeth Mae said...

I grew up with the guy that plays Jasper. I am 28 and a Twilight fan. I love the photo of Brynn, She's getting so big.

Simply Mily said...

OMG i feel the same way!!! i never saw the first one movie when it came out but one day my friend insisted that i read the books and in 3-4 days i was finished and hooked!!! and now I'm dying to read The Hunger Games because of all the good things i hear about it =) lols...bnut i'll be there midnight showing just because i'm way too overly excited too wait any longer...

t.bird said...

TOAYM: um, so i'm not the only one who was pissed at my husband for NOT being an ultra hot vampire? WHEW! lol- but seriously. weird?

jess: whaaa? R rated?! i seriously hope they put out an R rated version on DVD- i'm dirty like that.

carol: i wish the husband was a closet fan- but alas. all he does is mock me. and edward. and jacob. loser!

foosa: right? i'm a mom now. i have to embrace fleece &'s the true nature of things! & i'd totally crank x-mas music now- but i seriously think my husband might leave me for 30 days.

SA: yes. do it now!

sarah: another lame series for me to look up? fabulous! i did finish the House of Night series (omg, i'm ashamed to even admit that to you) & the Immortal series (another cringe) so now i'll look up this new disaster..

elizabeth: GASP! no.way. omg.

Milly: i went to the Twilight opening night- and i thought i was pretty bad ass. and then i had to get up for work & i was all like "eff me that was so stupid...but worth it!" but now i have these children that will not allow me to do so- damnation!

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

I love Thanksgiving. I love to eat so Thanksgiving is right up my alley.

Also? Never seen or read Twilight.

::runs away in terror::