Monday, October 31, 2011

more power to you...or not.

i just wrote a long (and witty if i do say so myself) blog post about the snowstorm- lack of power- melting snow for water (and it being akin to being a true pioneer- until the husband shot that down with his "true pioneers didn't melt snow on their gas stoves & tell their other true pioneer friends about it via iPhone" speach- blah blah. see? it was funny)- brynn throwing up like it was her job on saturday night- playing at the mall Play Zone- winning the Dip & Jack-O-Lantern contest at my work- getting power back- etc etc etc

& Blogger ate it. eff. i'm not writing it all out again- because i forget about 95% of it. so i'll just post our weekend via iPhone:

2 pictures about 1 hour before it started snowing:

River's getting high...

and then this:


my contest winning dip (Pumpkin Dip & Buffalo Chicken Dip):

@ my dip contest contributions: buffalo chicken & pumpkin dip

(homemade chewy ginger snaps + green apples = killer dipping options for the pumpkin dip)

and our mature Jack-O-Lantern contribution (also contest winning):

My jack-o-lantern contribution

not nearly as informative & amusing as the first post- but i suppose it'll have to do.
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Baby Mama said...

I love the creative pumpkin!

Jess said...

there were pumpkins like that at our pumpkin carving contest, too! One even had it coming out his nose, which was funny.
Glad you guys made it through the storm. I TOTALLY would have been proud of myself melting snow on the stove, too... even if it isn't exactly what pioneers did.

Sarah-Anne said...

hahaha, you make me laugh with your snow & pumpkins all in one post. it's just so ironic!

Legally Brunette said...

why do I feel like someone stole our buffalo chicken dip? hmmmm...curiouser and curiouser.... jk :)