Wednesday, December 14, 2011

happy birthday brynn


well, as of Sat Dec 10th my baby is 1.

she does lots of toddler'esq things. like walk, throw tantrums, hit her sister, drink from a cup, talk (sort of) & etc etc. but she also still does baby'esq things. like take a bottle at night (no idea how to break her of this one) &...oh wait. that's it. damn.

well, she does like to get up & party around 4 am which i do not approve of. i try & let her cry it out- but she's one of those, "i'm going to cry until i throw up" kids & i just can't get down with that.

so i bring her to bed. & she stays up. & kicks me. & slaps me.
so i tell her to "knock it off" & put her back in her crib.
where she screams & throws a fit.
so i bring her back. & we do it all again.

this morning i finally deposited her back in the crib around 5:15 where she SHRIEKED for 5 minutes & then fell back asleep.

then my alarm went off 15 minutes later & i glared at her door as i walked by.
yeah that's right.

then 5 minutes before i had to leave she woke up in a splendid mood, bouncing around in her crib. she's a delight- let me tell you.

but seriously. we love her. she's great.

the party went swell & i'll get those pictures up soon.
but i wanted to get this blip up in case you were wondering if i'd managed to turn back time.
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Erica said...
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Erica said...

Awww happy birthday gorgeous girl!!!!

and btw my son is the same way ...he'll be 2 in January and still takes a bottle at night....wakes up at 3 am ...screams bloody murder until i come get him and then comes in my bed only to laugh and play and poke me in the face...YAY~!

Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday Brynn! Glad to hear the party went well.

MarMat said...

wondering about you Miss
and your gorgeous littl girl.
Congrats Miss Brynn!

Sarah-Anne said...

where did baby brynn go?! she is growing up but that's the good part of can document everything :)

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

I can't believe she's already a year old. And so adorable. My kid is 2 and has half the amount of hair.