Monday, December 5, 2011

30 day shred update & other stuff

alright ladies. i'm on day #5.

that should say day #6 but i had to skip friday night because i had my office Christmas party to attend.

i wore a red dress & grey wedges. i did the "no heat curl" thing (again) with my hair & remembered to slap on a coat of mascara.

this is the result:

Christmas party attire

and because i adore the collar:


ok- here's what you should know. i spend the majority of the night sucking in. like- hardcore. like, if i put as much enery into eating right & working out as i did sucking in, i'd be a Victoria Secret model.

i'm telling you (& myself) this because looks can be deceiving. for the longest time i haven't paid attention to what eat & i haven't worked out because i'll get dressed, suck in & tell myself- "that'll do."

but it's not totally about what i look like. it's about how i feel. & skinny doesn't always = healthy.
i'm tired & lethargic & more often than not my stomach is like- "dude. wtf? eff you. give me salad or something."

and what i am or am not doing has everything to do with that. so yeah.

now don't worry- this is in no way going to turn into a weight loss/working out blog.
because i still abhore manual labor. & i still love sugar & carbs.

but it's true that we only get 1 life & 1 body & we should should probably be like, "hey body? you're cool. & i respect you- so i'm going to try not to abuse the crap out of you anymore. k? sorry about the last few bad. but i pinky swear i'm going to do better. but there will still be cake're welcome."

and that about sums it up.
so yes- day #5.

i'm sore- but not as sore as day #2. or even #3.
i still can't do "real" pushups but i can do the "girlie" ones without too much bitching.
i'm able to get through the entire workout without getting lightheaded (yeah, that may or may not have happened on day#1) & i'm going to move up to level #2 tonight.

as for what i've been eating.
1. the Green Smoothie i mentioned?
it kicks ass. it's SO good & filling. and i feel like Pop-eye with the amount of spinach i'm consuming.
i've made it every morning & i suck it right down. i played with it today & added strawberries instead of mangos. delish.
and a bonus? the girls drink it too! & since i don't push veggies in our house (i know, terrible) i feel really good about sneaking them in via a smoothie.

2. Weight Loss Water?
incredibly refreshing! water + cucumbers + lemon + ginger + mint = crazy good. i have a big container at home & i bring some to work everyday & drink that instead of anything else.

3. i still love cookies, bread, butter, milk, cheese & anything that resembled a cupcake. i just try not to love on them quite as often.

Comments: your comments made me lol.

- 30 Day Shred still in it's shrink wrapped package
- Jillian's "horsey face"
- the green smoothie being "too green"
- epic amounts of cookies & ice cream
- etc etc

i do hope me hopping on the "trying to get healthy" wagon helps inspire those of you looking for inspiration. i'm not even kidding, if i can do it then you can too.
because if you pick up a dictionary & search for the worth "lazy"- you'll find my picture next to it.
so yeah.

in other news- brynn turns 1 on saturday. unacceptable. so this week will be spent trying to figure out how to turn back time. i'll let you know how it goes.

happy monday ladies!

p.s. my dress is from Francesca's Collection & the wedges are from Target
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Mrs.F said...

Adorable dress. And good luck on the 30 day shred! It's a much harder 20 minute workout than you would think!

Crystal said...

So I'm totally late!! I didn't know you were doing the 30 day shred too! I just started it and talked about it on my NEW blog. (shameless pitch for readership? yes.) lol!

anywho Jillian is an effing BEAST! I think I was able to go for two days then the third I couldn't even walk. No lie. I thought I broke a muscle or something. Hair in a ponytail? PFFT. I didn't brush my hair for a while.

Then I ended up skipping days and was trying to figure out whether I should stop counting or just keep counting (and do "30" days) so I moved on to workout 2.

But ya know what...I'm gonna get back on it. I'm starting over (cuz seriously I didn't do it enough to be on day 15 or whatever I'm supposed to be on).

Thank you for the motivation! I absolutely HEART your blog so knowing that you're doing 30DS "with" me just makes you that much awesomer!

Yay! Go us!!

t.bird said...

Crystal- what's your new blog addy? and hooray!

gracias Mrs.F!

Katie said...

I started it again yesterday with the hubby(First day since I did it after Miles was born over 2.5 years ago) I think working with a personal trainer the last 4 months totally made me kick my husbands butt at this!

Crystal said...

OH! I forgot to mention, I also have P90x and I did that for about a month(ish). Working out really does make me feel better and more energetic. :)

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

You look awesome!! The hair and dress are both fabulous! Man, I despised the 30 Day Shred when I did it. I mean, it works and all, but seriously, I don't think I've cursed so much in a 20 minute period in my entire life. I think after #2 is born, I'm going to start running. Because you're so right, the breastfeeding weight loss does NOT last!! And unfortunately, neither do the nice full boobs.

Faren said...

You are doing good! Will you share this amazing green smoothie recipe? I need more veggies in my life. Tomorrow I'm starting Jackie Warner's Workout DVD. I need any good vibes you can spare. Hopefully I can keep at it.

Erica said...

You look great and please yes share the green smoothie recipe!

I love the Naked brand juice like the green machine and mango madneww they are delicious ...but expensive

t.bird said...

thank you ladies! & the green smoothie recipe is up!