Monday, October 24, 2011

what we wore

it's been awhile since we've done a "what we wore" session.
this is not because we've taken to walking around naked- no worries- but more so because both girls refuse to look or smile at me when i have my camera in hand.

apparently this can be explained mathematically.

mommy + camera - (time + cute clothes) + cute shoes - (dirt x throwup) - poop / combed hair = no smiles²

does that look right? we've already been over the fact that math & i don't see eye to eye so that's the best i can do. i think everything adds up though.

thankfully, sunday found us partaking of breakfast at a neat little place up in Mason, NH (NH people- Parker's Maple Barn = kick ass) & the lovely fall weather + being outside & out of their element = "i suppose we'll grace mother with a smile."


as you can see she is holding on to two of her favorite things in life: Foofa & a SpongeBob Squarepants sippy cup. God help us if either is lost or forgotten. God. help. us.


sweater: Missoni for Target
t-shirt: Target
jeggings: Target
shoes: Missoni for Target


this child is pure magic. she is the most smiley, snuggly, sweetest child in the history of the world. random strangers get leg hugs & mega watt smiles thanks to this kid. a polar opposite of her older sister.



cardigan: Zutano (thrifted)
pants: Target
socks: BabyLegs
shoes: Shoo Shoes

+ mommy:

i think this picture makes it seem like i'm sporting a Jersey Shore'esque tan + hair highlights.
i promise you i am not guilty of either. i'm also not 100% sure what's going on- lets blame it on the lighting. and the fact that my husband took the picture.

my clothes: really? i don't think anyone is chomping at the bit for this look.

once again- a rare picture of the 3 of us = one child looking slightly maniacal & the other looking lost. seriously precious.

happy monday people.
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J.Mo said...

You have a way with words that cracks my shit up every time T. Never fails. Y'all look great <3

Jess said...

I have to agree with the PP. I either laugh or at least smile every time I visit your blog.
Your girls are SOOO gosh darn cute. Of course, the fact that they are dressed in adorable clothes helps but... seriously. Even if they DID run around naked 24/7 they'd still be the cutest.

Carol said...

We have those purple part is the tiny pockets on the cute! Isn't it awesome how God is all "let's not give her two exactly the same, she isn't due to walk through the pearly gates for another 30 years" and then you get children who are exactly opposite. Happened to me too! You look fab, my dear!

Sarah-Anne said...

ha, i was wondering about your gorgeous tan. ;)
you have the best posts...and the best commenters!