Monday, November 21, 2011

this week

i'm going to start by giving you guys a little present:


twinkle light pictures for the win.
i wish i could fully make you understand how evil taking these pictures were.

the plan was to setup, convince children to smile with m&m's & marshmallows, snap pictures, edit pictures & pat myself on the back for a job well done.

20 mintutes tops. right?
wrong. so wrong.

setup alone took a good 40 minutes thanks to my tiny house. also, children seem to have a fascination with anything they're not allowed to touch. like setup stands. light. white blankets (for the love of God- do NOT touch that white blanket with your toddler hands). etc etc.

eventually i set up & attempted to wrangle them in. i shook a bowl of m&m's in front of their faces (much like you would do with a puppy) & this got their attention. but said attention was soley focused on getting m&m's (& marshmallows for brynn) into their mouths.

"alex, smile!"
"no! more?"
"ok- but only if you smile..."
" shakes, eyes fill up, tears flow::"
"ok ok- fine. here! see? m&m is yummy! please stop crying!"
::happy alex. unhappy me::

bribery fail.

and brynn- she was actually a little better. but she just kept moving. you know, like babies do. the nerve.

eventually i called it & they somehow got their hands on the entire bowl of candy/marshmallows.

we won't discuss that.

out of 100+ shots i got those 2 up there. both girls clearly have marshmallows in their mouths & brynn's smile can only just be called that. barely.

but whatever. i did it. i win. go me.

in other news. it's Thanksgiving week. i have the rest of the week "off".
i'm stoked for an addtl 4 days with the girls. i'm also wary that they've already devised a plan to make me question ever taking time off again.

we shall see.

so this week is going to be filled with playing, diapers, milk, Yo Gabba Gabba, baking, cooking, pictures, naps & attempting to reason with 2 little girls.

i'll also be doing a sweet Canvas4Life review/giveaway. think, Christmas gift ideas...score.

happy Monday!
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Rose said...

They are great! Heaven help you if you tried to get them to take a photo together. :o)

Looks awesome! Where did you find the setup for your twinkle light background?

The Kloeppings said...

We had a similar twinkle light fail at our place. Noah would not sit still for anything - even his kryptonite, Goldfish!

these look great though!

Mitzi G. said...

I LOVE them!!

Elizabeth said...

these turned out great! you would never be able to guess the back story! :)

Suzanne said...

Even with all that backstory, the pictures still look MAGICAL. Twinkle lights (and gorgeous children) can do that.

MarMat said...

Love them!

Marisol said...

They are so cute! I'm not even sure how i came across your blog but i am officially a reader. I find you beyond hysterical!

The Sea & Sol