Wednesday, December 7, 2011

brynn's 1st birthday party is in 3 days

seeing that i'm not a rocket scientist, i still have not figured out a way to turn back time. so, this being the case, brynn's party will commence in 3 days.

the theme = owls.

this is only because her birthday invite had owls on it. how i plan on actually incorporating them besides the cake? no idea.

this is where you come in- yay for you!

i need party favors. owl cookies? owl...something else? in reality this is really a party for adults since i think there will be all of 4 children there (2 of which are mine) but i still want to send something home with people. preferably something edible- because everyone has to eat.

i was leaning toward owl cookies- but lets be honest- i won't make them. i barely have time to clean the house & slap a cake together, much less cutout sugar cookies & apply royal icing.

maybe i'll just make some cookies, bag them & slap on an owl sticker.

and decorations? psha. this is going on in our tiny little log home. which is already decorated for Christmas. so throwing up a bunch of cutesy owl stuff is even less likely to happen than cookies.
i'll probably grab a few balloons, tie them to her highchair & call it a day.

part of me feels badly that her 1st b-day is so tiny. alex's was big & bad, as was her 2nd. but it was also warm & dry outside for both.

but poor brynn was born in Dec, to parents that own a house in New England with less than 1100 sq ft of living space.

all of those factors = party indoors. party small. party minimal.

tis' life. but it's ok- she knows we love her & everyone there loves her & she'll get a cupcake- so i'm 99.9% sure she'll be alright.
...even if i did tell people, "eh, you don't have to bring her a present. we've got tons of crap already!"

but she doesn't know that. & i'm betting everyone will still bring her something- because seriously, how do you go to a 1year old's party & bring her nothing? hmm? you can't- it's impossible.

i'm glad everyone isn't as heartless as i am.

so yes. party at the bird house on saturday. pizza & cake- yes. party favors & room to stretch- maybe.
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Carolyn said...

My daughters second birthday was an owl theme. I have pictures along with the vendors i used on my blog. I also set up owl theme pin board on Pinterest. The link to that is also on my blog. Check it out.

Carolyn said...

oh and the owl cookies we bought for her party were delicious. Everyone loved them.

Erica said...

LOL awwww poor brynn! My 2nd also gets the short end of the stick ......he will be two in January and we are in NJ to you know that an outdoor party is out of the question :( Poor little guy

Diana said...

We did an owl theme for my daughter's first birthday in March. I bought the template for pretty much everything from Dimple Prints on Etsy. Here is a blog post I did about it:

And here is a picture of the owl cookies we used (they say "thanks for coming - it was a hoot)

Allison said...

What about cookies in the shape of a 1 (since it's her 1st birthday) in bags with an owl sticker?

Suzanne said...

My second is turning 1 on the 19th. I kept saying she wasn't getting ANY party because it was so close to Christmas but the guilt over her brother getting a huge blow-out for his 1st was killing me. So now she gets a party that is a) getting out of hand and b) driving me insane. HOW am I supposed to put all these kids IN MY HOUSE? We've always counted on outside/porch space for parties.

I think you should get a bunch of branches and spray paint them to match whatever owls you do have. Stick 'em in vases, maybe see if Target has any owl ornaments and BOOM. Centerpieces. You could look for any nest-like cookies (I've seem some no-bake ones) on Pinterest plus the cake and call it a day.

t.bird said...

ah ladies- i bow to your genius suggestions. thank you thank you!

i so wish i had time to order cute owl cookies from Etsy- but alas. i'm a day short. or late. or whatever.

i'm going tot ake stock of these ideas on Thursday night (i have fridya off to clean & decorate) & make something happen! yay!

MarMat said...

I just sent you an email with more pins.

Sarah said...

I did a "look whoo's turning two" theme for my daughter's 2nd birthday. I don't have many pictures from the party (kicking myself now), but you can see the cake and such on my blog here:

Also I did a small Pinterest board here:

For my party favors I did a candy bar with little take-out boxes for the kids to fill that I decorated with owl stickers and said something like "Thanks for coming, it's been a HOOT!"

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I am emailing you something right now. :)

Crystal717 said...

umm..can I have an owl party too? please? :)

no presents. just owls. kthanksbye. lol

I'm sure you're gonna pull something together can't wait to see what. I'm sure Brynn will love it! :)