Monday, December 19, 2011

picture overload

the realization that 2012 is 2 weeks away = omgmusteditanduploadallremaining2011pictures.

like right now (ie: last night). @ 9pm.

& then i was like- screw editing. just upload already. so i did- mostly. because when 10pm hits my body shuts down. it's like it just knows that i should be in bed & refuses to perform simple tasks like keeping it's eyes open or moving it's hands. stuff like that.

anyway my goal is to get all 2011 pics off my computer & backed up via flickr before Jan 1st. so that means you guys get to suffer through enjoy way too many shots of my children being children.

like these:


ok- that last one is obviously edited.

and this is hands down my favorite item in alex's closet:


it's a sweater that i snagged for 50% off @ Anthropologie last year.

i remember it well because despite contractions (that would lead to brynn being born not even 8 hours later) i was determined to scour the racks for kick ass duds for my eldest. & when i came across this sweater, which @ 50% off was still an obscene amount of money, i audibly ::squee'd::
the only con? dryclean only. seriously? who drycleans kid's clothing?

...i guess i do. because i have to pick it up from the cleaner's today. boo-ya.

let's see- here are some mom & dad with brynn shots from her birthday. the light was fading & she was fresh up from her nap but we made it happen.

brynn & dadda:


brynn & mamma:


speaking of brynn- i took the girls to the mall on saturday (alone. dumb dumb dumb.) to hit up H&M (meh. it's hit or miss sometimes.) & some lady came up, looked @ brynn & said, "Well hello there handsome! Aren't you just adorable!"

brynn was not aware that she had been mistaken for a boy & graced the woman with a smile.
& now we refer to brynn as "handsome." what can you do?

& that's as far as i got last night.
if you're dying to see more pictures, feel free to take a gander at my latest photography blog update

it's actually a shoot with our nanny & alex's bff. so much cute.
and if you're also dying to "Like" something on FB- feel free to "Like" my page: Like me!

& yes- i'm totally whoring myself out in the quest for more "Likes" & more business...guilty!
i'm weak.
..but it's Christmas, so consider it a present. a present that you don't have to pay for. hooray! free presents!
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Mitzi G. said...

my goodness they are so big.....& beautiful!

Erica said...

They are such dolls! and alex is looking so much like your hubbs as she gets bigger!

How funny about Brynn being "handsome".....well not too funny.....when Sofia was an infant someone mistook her for a boy and she was even in pink...WTH?!?!?

Faren said...
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Faren said...

Gosh your girls are so freaking adorable! I love the way you dress them. Btw, where in the world did you get Alex's boots that are in the first few pictures??? I love those boots.

Sarah-Anne said...

keep the pictures coming! i love them.

t.bird said...

Faren: seriously the cutest stuff ever!