Tuesday, May 10, 2011

weekend recap

i stayed home sick yesterday. and i mean "for real" sick- not "going to the mall" sick.

can you get the flu in may? even after getting a flu shot? because that's what it felt like.

thankfully the girls went to my mother's (as usual) and i was able to call into work & stay home & relax.
and by "relax" i mean, sleep till 9, let the dogs out, do laundry, dishes- etc etc.

so maybe "relax" isn't the right word.

it was also beautiful out yesterday- but since my body wasn't registering the 70° weather- i sat inside & pouted.

but i survived. and i watched several hours of True Life via MTV. "I have BDD- I HATE MY FACE!!!"
i felt so highscool- but in my defense- there is NOTHING on daytime television. NOTHING.
staying home sick is not nearly as awesome as it was when i was in grade school.

now, to recap mother's day:

- a lovely card from my girls
- my weeping cherry tree planted
- a new mug
- breakfast with the inlaws
- dessert with my mother/family
- the flu?!

all in all- a good day.
i did, however, neglect to get a picture of myself & the girls. fail.
next year. maybe.

and i'll leave you with some what they wore:

sweater: Target
shorts: Target
sandles: Toke

sweater: Target
dress: Target
slippers: Amimoc

adorable- right?

bib: Apple Tree Boutique
romper: Tea Collection

happy tuesday friends.
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Jennifer White Ramirez said...

LOVE the pink dress & yellow sweater! And LOVE the little white sandals. And finally LOVE Brynn's Tea Collection romper - where do you buy Tea Collection at? I guess I just need to do an on-line search, but if you have a good spot let me know.

Sarah-Anne said...

hope you get better, t!!

Katie said...

I remember that Tea romper.. one of my favorite photos of Alex is her in that romper. (if I'm remembering correctly)

feel better soon!

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

LOVE those green slippers. So adorable. And I heart MTV True Life. We don't have cable but I should look online.

::runs off to find cheesy tv::

Shana said...

The pictures are adorable! I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day. Following you on facebook (Hope Jackson) from the Mom Bloggers Club. Would love it if you would visit and LIKE my page: www.facebook.com/flightlessgoose