Monday, May 23, 2011

i take thee, iPhone, to be my lawfully wedded...

so this weekend was a weekend of firsts:

- i pulled my first tick off my body. gross. (you guys- the tick had my flesh in it's mouth. omg.)
- alex had her first ice cream cone. (she's had ice cream before- we are American, duh- but she had an honest to goodness ice cream CONE all to herself.)
- i made Nutella Self Frosting Cupcakes. (INSTAGRAM IT! EAT IT! HIGH FIVE FOR THE WIN!)
- i got my first iPhone. (what? you want dinner? sorry, you'll have to wait- i'm playing Fruit Ninja & blowing up the Instagram feed.)

and there might be more- but everything is kind of hazy after the Verizon rep placed the shiny white iPhone into my sweaty hands.

"Carefull now, don't drop it..." he says, as i promtly lose my grip & am forced to perform some sort of Chris Angel Mind Freak move & miraculously catch it.

we both laugh nervously as he tells me a new screen will cost me $200. oh.em.gee.

i patiently (OH MY EFFING GOSH GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT NOW!) wait while he explains various functions & sets up my email.

as he blathers on & on about God knows what i'm totally not listening paying rapt attention to his every word & waiting for him to release MY new iPhone to ME!

by now i've also noticed that he bares a striking resemblance to Ethan Embry (Empire Records anyone?) but unfortunately for him, his long windedness is not allowing me to appreciate this fact (i used to crush pretty hard on Ethan) and instead i find myself wanted to drop kick him & snatch my phone out of his hands. good Lord guy- be DONE already!

(um, i struggle with patience. in fact- i straight up cagefight it on a daily basis.)

finally he hands it over and the clouds part, the sun shines, & birds start singing (no, Harold Camping, it isn't the Rapture- just some chick getting her new iPhone.)

i'd love to say that i got to spend the next few hours blissfully getting to know my new phone. ...but the reality is that both girls were cranky pants & while i drove us home & got them ready for naps, the husband monopolized my phone & played Angry Birds & Fruit Ninja until the battery died.


but today it's all mine (because i'm at work of course) and i will dutifully learn the ropes & figure out Words with Friends- because i'm pretty sure that is what's required of all iPhone owners.

and here's a look @ the "firsts"


ice cream cone euphoria.


the last time with our precious Bumbleride Flyer (i sold it on ebay to make way for a double ::sadface::)


playing with my macro right before i was attacked by the tick (scarred for life)


and last but not even close to least- Nutella Self Frosting Cupcakes. they were like the my mouth.

and let's remember to keep the people of Joplin in our t&p's. i can't even imagine :(
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baker_ame said...

If you are worried about breaking your phone, the girls destroying it, etc., you can get an insurance plan to cover all accidental damage & handling form Best Buy. (I work there part time.) It's called their Black Tie Protection Plan. Within 30 days of your purchase, you can pick up the coverage. This covers the screen shattering, battery going out, etc. I highly recommend it. It's $14.99/ month, but a lot cheaper than replacing a $600 phone. Plus, it's not a contract-- you can cancel it any point without any penalty.

Jess said...

I want an iPhone, so I'm jealous.
Annndd... Alex looks like she has died and gone to ice cream cone heaven! So cute! :) Was she wired afterwards?

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I am so ready to trade in my Blackberry for an iPhone! So jealous!

I am making those cupcakes SOON.

And that dew picture is awesome- I love that you can see the reflection in it.

And your kids are precious!

kate said...

OMG, I must make those cupcakes!
Oh, and get an Otter Cover for your phone. It will make it twice as big but I don't think it could be destroyed in a tornado.

Mari said...

I second the otter. And they have pretty colors, so you can feel less guilty about the size it adds.

I HAVE to make those cupcakes. Like... TODAY! Ok, not today... But this weekend. I've had them bookmarked for ages.

You will LOVE your iPhone.

Please tell me you downloaded the Pinterest app. (and remember to add the bookmarklett so you can *gasp* PIN from your iPhone) It's another of those obssessions I know...

I LOVE your pictures and love your girls. :)

Carol said...

OMG - those cuppycakes would kill me. They look devine. Joplin is a damn tragedy - What is Mother Nature up to this year? I fear hurrican season because so far, spring has been hell for much of the country...

Anonymous said...

An iphone?? I just got one too for my birthday!!! And I LOVE instagram... now I will try to find you so I can follow you.

xo manda

t.bird said...

BA: i have insurance through verizon- same thing?!
jess: get one! and thankfully no- it was bedtime. ha!
jessica: run theee to your phone store & trade up!! now!! ty :)
kate: yes you must ha!
mari: what do you take me for ;) of COURSE i dl'd PINTEREST!!! ha!
carol: right? i literally cringe for them :(
manda: HOORAY! i'm gonna instagram the crap out of your bridal shower. you know it.