Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pinterest owns me

(since Blogger can't get their act together- i had to repost this. however- i cannot repost your lovely comments. ::sad face::)

oh me. oh my. oh no.

lately i've been hearing all about this Pinterest business. the general concensus is as follows:

"You NEED to Pinterest because if you don't you'll die!"
"Pinterest is my life force. If i don't do it- i die!"
"You don't PINTEREST!? YOU DIE!"
"Quite simply, it's Pinterest or death."

you get the idea.

well, with all that death talk i obviously had to get my priorities straight. i like being alive. i want to live. and if i must Pinterest to live then Pinterest i shall!

so the lovely Diana over at Hormonal Imbalances sent me an invite (along with a few lovely ladies on Twitter) and i got to work...

...Lord- i think this might be what addiction feels like.

darting eyes- jittery fingers- tapping feet- elation over my latest crack internet score- content to just sit & stare

...i think i might need an Intervention.

i'm a Pinning fool. i live to Pin. PINTEREST 4 LIFE!



now whenever i see something i like & want others to know that i like- i say to myself: "self, you should Pin that!"

or i find myself repinning other's finds at an alarming rate. and i think to myself: "self, this person is a GENIUS! re-pin AT ONCE!"

i kind of want to keep talking about how awesome Pinterest is- but honestly, i just want to go Pin some more.

i'm actually smiling like a fool because i just saw the cutest pair of shoes and i'm gonna go Pin the crap out of them.


p.s. you can follow me on Pinterest if you'd like: lookatthebirds on Pinterest

happy pinning!
Pin It!


Carol said...

This scares me...I'd likely become addicted too. Good thing you have to be invited in. It's the only thing keeping me at bay :)

beautiful mess said...

I seriously want to join. ASAP.

Ryan V. said...

I have heard so much about this but you make it seem even more cool! Is it bad pintaste to ask for an invite? Lol!

t.bird said...

if you guys email me your emails i can send you an invite :)

Sarah-Anne said...

um, i'm THISCLOSE to joining. for serious.