Thursday, May 19, 2011


did i mention that brynn eats food now?

Picnik collage

yes. as you can see- her initial reaction was mixed.

good- no? good- yes?! good- maybe?

however, the nanny has reported that all is going well.
apparently oatmeal, sweet potatoes & pears are giving my milk a run for it's money. hmmm.


she sits up too- another thing i failed to mention?


i think what this means is that she's growing up. getting older. advancing. reaching milestones- etc etc etc.
these are all things that i guess i approve of (as a normal mother) but also refuse to think about (also as a normal mother)

why does it go by so fast? the next thing i know she'll be asking to go to the prom. with a boy. alone. with a boy. stay out past curfew? with a boy. the movies. with a boy.

um. what is this "boy" business all about? i think not young lady.

but oh yeah- i have 2 girls. how could i forget?

and they'll both gang up on me & tell me how unfair i'm being. and i'll have to give in because, you see that man on the couch?

he's an incredible pushover. and he'll never tell them no.


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Francine said...

I've got the same kind of man on my couch. He couldn't tell our daughter no if his life depended on it. *sigh*

sfloyd said...

Your girls look sooooooo much alike!! Holy cow! Oh...and I love Alex's socks! They make the outfit!

Sarah-Anne said...

gah, the hair? is awesome. :)

Jennifer White Ramirez said...

I've got a husband who can't say no to our daughter either....except for when you add "with a boy", I have no doubt he'll not only say "NO", but phrases like "Over my dead body!"

Krysta said...

Love Brynn's bib and her super curly hair!