Monday, May 16, 2011

toddler angst

more times than not a simple question, posed to alex, will result in a tempermental explosion.

i see a shift in my child's demeanor and only moments after the words leave my lips i am desperate to pull them back. but all i can do is sit there and cringe as the delight over a coloring book leaves her eyes and is replaced with nothing short of pure fury.

as she busies herself with tweaking out, i'm left to sit and wonder what the hell is wrong with me. why would i even dare to speak to a perfectly happy 18 month old?
why would i even think of "suggesting" something?
(even if that "something" is awesome. like a trip to Disney World ...or Target)

why can't i just leave well enough alone!?

all these thoughts tumble through my mind as i sit & watch my child in amazement.
her face contorts, her eyes well up with tears, and the crayons, that she was so happily utilizing not even 30 seconds before, are now the bane of her existance.

i watch as they are violently throw from her chubby hands, leaving a rainbow of marks on my floor and rolling to rest under the couch.

honestly, it's really quite a spectacle. beautiful and terrifying all at once. much like a hurricane...or Tyra Banks.

i'm sure you must be trying to picture this in your mind- well allow me to help you:


see? why would i bring this on myself? what could be so important that i would risk the above by speaking? what in God's name?!?!

a banana.

i asked her if she wanted a banana. a sweet fleshed fruit that is chock full of potassium and a healthy does of fiber. a treat! a treat that 99% of the time she adores.

a treat that apparently becomes akin to suggesting that we brush our teeth and head to bed in lieu of another episode of Yo Gabba Gabba. (dear God- let it not be so!)

now i know. let this be a lesson to me.

while all of this went down- brynn happily went to town on her own treat- a grape via her mesh feeder:


and while i admired how content and adorable she looked- i reminded myself that 13 months from now, suggesting a snack of grapes should probably be avoided at all costs.

duly noted.

p.s. in case anyone was wondering, alex did NOT want a banana
p.p.s. but she DID want it about 5 minutes later. go figure.
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lissasue3 said...

That's the face I think of when a dinosaur roars! LOL

Lorelei does the same thing, but it's usually when a nap is over.

Bekah said...

I know this feeling well! For example, right this very minute, Jack is sitting next to me 'reading' his picture bible, and talking to the pictures. It is adorable beyond words, and yet I know that if I even THINK about trying to play with him and read the story to him right now, it will result is a melt down.

It is SO weird being the mom now.

Bethany said...

ha! i only laugh because i am in the same "toddler hell" as I call it.

mickella said...

bahaah i'm so sorry but that picture made me LAUGH! i've been at your end of a toddler's wrath... and i can never help but laugh!

Jen said...

Completely I daugher is one step away from a really great time or one step away from losing it...right on the edge and you have no idea which way it will go. Like tonight she was a perfect angel...amazing! :)

Sarah-Anne said...

ha. i'm sorry, i shouldn't be laughing. slap me, OK? :)

Erin said...

Oh my goodness. Eli does the same thing, but he is 3. It makes me crazy.

Anonymous said...

I've never commented before but had to on this post. I have a 19 month old at home and you summed it up perfectly. That is my life! Love the blog.

Jess said...

Oh my goodness! I thought you were going to say that you suggested like... going somewhere or doing something. Not a simple snack! Ahhh well. At least you have one content child ;) just kidding. Alex is still cute. Tantrums and all.
PS- I really want to get one of those mesh feeder things for Elliot. Does Brynn like it?