Wednesday, May 25, 2011

rain, rain go away

it was dark & stormy yesterday afternoon

alex stood at the slider, watching the rain, and then looked at me & said "boots?"

i initially replied, "oh no honey- it's raining, why don't we go color..." and then i thought, what the hell? it's just water.

so boots on & out the door she went. she didn't venture off of the porch, but she still had a blast standing in the rain:


getting her to come inside was a challenge. apparently she wants to live outside in the rain- who knew?

in other news: i was able to sell my Bumbleride Flyer on ebay for way more than i thought i'd be able to- so now i'm in the market for a double.

i NEED it to be a tandem stroller- i simply cannot get behind the side by sides.

any recs? we're leaning towards the Kolcraft Contours Optima Tandem (due out by the end of May/begining of June)

(this is only because i can't justify shelling out $700 for the Baby Jogger City Select Double)

however i'm open to other options (minus Sit & Stands. they look mad uncomfy) so let me know if you have a tandem that you adore! gracias!
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HeirtoBlair said...

Phil & Teds are at Zulily today for $450! Let me know if you need an invite/referral :)

abby said...

I was just going to recommend Phil & Teds. We have one and love it!

Erica said...

My daughter adores the rain too ...anything to put on those rain boots!

BTW i have this stroller......

its a bit bulky when folded up ..i will admit.....but i can get it into the trunk ok. I love it simply because my daughter who is 3 is a little busy body and sometimes doesnt like the restraint so you can take off the back seat and they can sit on the platform and face you or stand on the lower platform which is pretty cool

Here is a pic with the back platform in use,310,0xffffff

Julia said...

I nanny and have used MANY double strollers, I agree a tandom is the way to go. I have used a previous version of the Kolkraft, I loved it. Pushed well even with 2 good sized 2 yearold twins in it, and the flexibility with seating seemed genious. HOWEVER, if you can get the Phil and TedLs for the deal that Blair mentioned, I'd do that! Probably the best stroller I've ever used but, I cannot imagine spending anything close to what one of those usually retails for.
I can tell you that your nanny will be VERY appreciative to have a way to take both girls for a walk!

Sarah-Anne said...

her face is priceless. :)

christina said...

as always, ADORABLE pictures. sorry, can't help you on the double stroller thing.

Sara said...

I saw earlier Phil and Teds is sold out on zulily. :0(

Rebekah said...

Love the pictures! She is just too cute!

Why no side-by-side? That's the only thing I've been looking at, but I'm now questioning myself (can you see the influence you have on my LIFE?! ha!) Anyway, what's your thinking? I thought a tandum would be harder to push??

t.bird said...

gracias blair- i am on zulilty & i didn't even see that!

gah- the P&T makes me wonder- because i feel like one kid is sitting under the other & it looks awkward?

perhaps i should actually try it out in store...i think the Britax B-Ready is virtually the same thing & a bit cheaper too.

Erica: thank you! i'll take a look..

Rebekah- ha- sorry! i think SBS's are way too wide & awkward to push. Plus, i foresee alex & brynn fighting because they can actually touch one

Alysha said...

I have a joovy ultralight caboose and although its a sit n stand.. my 2 year old LOVES it. He loves to be able sit facing mommy and then stand on it and go for a ride whenever he wants. :) Just a suggestion.

PhinneyGirl said...

I have the Britax B Ready and love it! My kids are 16 mo apart so it's nice to be able to restrain both of them, and the stroller converts to a single easily for when you only have one kiddo along.

Katie said...

I love the second and fifth pictures!! and like Alex, I also love the rain. I used to sit up on my parent's roof during storms. also, Alex and I have the same rain boots!

Amber said...

I have an older version of the kolcraft contours and I love it. It is smooth to push and not too awkward as some tandems can be. The wheels are nice and big so it doesn't get stuck in dirt or grass. I highly recommend it, and it's nice that it is not too much $$. I got mine on amazon. :)

c said...

I picked up a Phil&Ted's vibe when our (then) 10 month old was in a nanny share with a 16 month old. The nanny loved it, and was appreciative to have such a good way to take them both out for walks. It was $500 on CraigsList (I'm in Canada) and we've kept it since I'm due in September with baby #2 (they'll be 19/20 months apart). I can't speak to it from personal experience yet, but the nanny really did love it.

Anonymous said...

Phil & Ted all the way!!!

Jill said...

Have you thought about getting the 2010 model of the city select, I think it's about 500 VS the 700 for 2011 model.