Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5 months old

(Blogger FAILS & deleted all of your lovely comments. i don't delete awesome comments about my awesome kids. ha. gracias.)

brynn is 5 months old (as of yesterday)


simply mind bottling (blades of glory anyone?)


this weekend's agenda? operation babyfood. she's had a few things shoved into her mouth (courtesy of alex & overeager adults) but it's time for a "sit down with a bowl of oatmeal & a spoon" kind of a meal.

here's to a good reception.

and in other news: those new Berry Burst Oreos.

satan. poison. math. lima beans. diarrhea. communism. onions. papercuts. dead puppies.

you see what i did there? i listed really bad & horrible things. terrible things that shouldn't be.

well the berry burst oreos are now on that list.

they were so bad i took one bite & spit it out. I SPIT IT OUT! I DON'T SPIT OUT SUGAR! EVER!

i might be exaggerating just a little for effect- but not much.
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Jess said...

Happy five months, Brynn girl! She's getting so big. I looove all that hair- Elliot is basically bald now, lol!
PS- berry burst oreos just SOUND gross.

Ryan V. said...

Can't believe she's 5 months! holy moly! And those berry oreos don't sound good at all! Hope you're feeling better from monday!

Sarah-Anne said...

totally mind bottling. ;)
and i concur: BBO do not sound good. at all.

Carol said...

Happy 5 months, Brynn! I don't spit sugar out either, except for that one time I ate a jelly bean and realized there were ants on them. Ewww.