Friday, May 27, 2011

a week via Instagram

happy friday. happy friday before a long weekend.

i'm tired this week & very much looking forward to a "day off" on monday.

i'm also pleased as punch to have my iPhone in attendance this weekend because it'll mean i don't have to be sitting at my computer in order to keep up (or update) with the interweb.

alex does something hilarious? instagram- click- send.
brynn blows raspberries? instagram- click- send.
we get ice cream & i want everyone to know it? instagram- click- send.

i'm getting it now. hello technology.

so in 7 hours i'll be signing off to enjoy a lovely weekend with my family- i hope you all do the same!

and i leave you with a week via Instagram: (click pic to see it larger)

WorkWorkNutella cupcakeSperry's

alex zoning / ice cream / stink eye / brynn
work mug / work desk / nutella cupcake / new Sperry's
braids / cucumber & dill sammie / bebe geese / geese
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Sarah-Anne said...

heeellooo long weekend!!

Erin Short said...

I love technology. I can check FB and Twitter anywhere, it is so much fun! I also love pictures from my phone, since I ALWAYS have my phone with me, and my camera is so big and bulky to carry around. Your girls are so adorable, and I can't believe how big Brynn is already!!!

Jess said...

I really, REALLY need an iphone. Because playing around with instagram is way too much fun!!
Looks like a lovely week. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!