Friday, May 6, 2011

alex love

::insert picture of a sleeping toddler here::

ha. i kid.


but seriously. alex spends 75% of her time ripping her clothing (what the what?! how?!), pulling elastics out of her hair, smearing popsicle juice across her face, eating dirt & all around- looking like a hot mess.

the other 25% of the time- she's asleep.

i won't lie- i used to question the mothers that went out in public with children that appeared to do i put this nicely...well, from another planet.

externally i would smile & offer up the expected "oh, she's so cute!"
but in my head i was like, "oh my GAWD! did you lose a bet?!"

then i had alex. and she grew up. and she aquired a mind of her own. and she finds horrible things appealing.
things like snot, loud noises, lolipops, stickers, glitter & anything wet & sticky.

and now i understand.

so these days when i see a child, out in public, in various stages of undress- i mentally salute the other mother for the mere fact that her child appears to be in good health & she, herself, appears to be sane.

and then i focus on my own child who is trying to remove her shirt, eat a cheese stick, put rocks (where the hell did you find rocks?!) in her pocket & empty the content of my purse- all at the same time.
and i think to myself, "oh my GAWD! she is SO CUTE!"


top: gift from my mom (alex adores Kai Lan)
leggings: Target
sandles: Pazitos


happy friday- have a great weekend & a wonderful Mother's Day!
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Carol said...

You are so hilarious! Those blue sandals are awesome cute...I'm off to google now.

Happy Mother's Day T!

Sarah-Anne said...

you.are.too.funny!! love this.

Ryan V. said...

Super cute sandals!

Mommy Points said...

Ha ha, I feel the same way with my 16 month old. It's battling the snot all over the face that I often fail at! For the record, she looks like a truly adorable mess!