Monday, November 1, 2010

happy weekend

this past weekend was swell.

it started off with alex sleeping in until 8 am on sat. 8! this is a child who is usually up & ready to go by 5:30-6 am. so when i brought her to bed at 5 and then woke up and realized that it was light outside- i was in shock.

she woke up at 8 on the dot & gifted me with a huge smile & a big "puppies?!" what a perfect way to start the day.

after breakfast, getting dressed & waiting for the husband to get ready- we headed off for the dreaded blood draw. we checked in & alex charmed the pants off of everyone in the waiting room. she was in the best mood (obviously unaware of what was to come)

we were actually the last people on the list- so as the room cleared out & it was down to just us i could hear the lab folks talking- "oh, we have a pedi. get the pedi room ready...."

then out came a smiling lab tech who led us back to a room filled with Disney overload.
alex was pretty ok- until the hubs sat down & held her arm out- then she started to whimper. oh, how the whimpering killed me. i can deal with screaming- but the trembling lip & big eyes made me tear up.
i hovered on the outside of the doorway while one lab tech danced a yellow smiley face doll in front of my kid's face & the other started bathing her arm in alcohol.

and then she stuck her (very quickly & quite well might i add) and the wailing started.
yellow smiley face doll be damned! she was having none of that.

thankfully it was over in about 30 seconds. i could've kissed the tech who got the vein on the first shot & quickly extracted all the blood that was needed.

needle out. blood wiped. band-aid on. daddy hugged. stickers given. done.

whew! i peeked in the doorway & she saw me & lifted her arms. i scooped her up, told her what a good girl she was, and wiped her snotty nose. she then (through her sniffles) showed me her stickers and stated, "elmo!!!" that's when i knew she was over it.

so, not all that bad! the tech wasn't very good at putting the band-aid on, so she got a bit of blood on her shirt- but nothing that some Oxi-Clean won't take care of.

afterwards we headed off to Babies-R-Us and she was rewarded with not 1, but 2 elmos (thankfully neither of them talk or make noise. amen.)
we ran a couple more errands & as we headed home she went down for a much neeed nap.

we had a friend's surprise b-day party to attend so we let her sleep in the car while we got ready. she woke up once we arrived, i changed her clothes & we headed in.
i spent the next 4 hours making sure that no bodily harm would come to her. this house (the husband's best friend's) is probably the most un-baby proof house in the world.

broken fish tank on the floor? check.
beer bottles? check.
glass & iron coffee table? check.
the list goes on. eventually we headed outside where it was a little bit safer- and where she could let out some pent up energy.

it's seriously impossible to get a good picture of her these days. all she does is MOVE!

on her:
white tee: Cherokee (Target)
pink cardigan: Cherokee (Target)
gray pants: Target
shoes: Target

on me:
sweater: Converse (Target)
leggings: The Limited
boots: Rocket Dog


does that make you tired? because it should. she was like a crazed beast. running about & screaching. good Lord.

plus- her pants were too big so i had to fashion a makeshift belt out of string from a balloon. and i still had to yank them up every 5 minutes- so that was just dandy.

but she had fun. eventually we got her home, bathed, dressed, fed & into bed.
unfortunately for the husband- 6 am came early. and she was up. HA!

sunday was obviously halloween- so a costume of some sort was needed.
well i'm cheap- spending even $10 on a costume that she'll wear 1x makes me cranky. so i decided to see what i could find in her drawers:


can you tell what she is yet? can you?


she's a rainbow. obviously, right? can you see it now?


for the record- the dogs are just playing. and my mother in law was right there- so no dogs or children were harmed in the making of these photos.

so yeah. i found a bunch of stuff with stripes & decided that she = rainbow. i even put on her fluffy white hat when we ran to Wal-Mart...cause it looks like a cloud. duh!!!

ah well. next year, when she actually has an idea about what's going on, i'll spring for a real costume. and we'll actually go trick-or-treating.

she still had fun. the in-laws came over (the husband & father in law had to work on alex's big girl room) and she made grandma read her 50 million books. we also ran to Wal-Mart where she got a small taste of people dressed up. she wasn't really sure what to make of it.

after the in-laws headed out, we settled in & spent the rest of the afternoon playing. and lounging. and eating apples.

case in point:


rough day, no?

amazingly, with only a 1 hour nap under her belt, she manged to stay awake until 7. and then she crashed. g'night kid.

i managed to get caught up on Sister Wives (yay) a then watched the 1 hour special (ooooooh!)
the husband couldn't take anymore & went to bed. g'night husband.

then my child decided to start waking up every 15 min or so until 12. awesome.
and then i went to bed. and got up at 3:45 am. and now i'm at work.

hello monday.
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Desi said...

I love her little pink sweater and gray pants! If only Canada had a target...

Mrs. V said...

Alex's little pink cardigan is to die for!! Also, did you get another pup? They are so cute! My dogs always "bite" each others necks and faces when they play too. It always looks really bad in pictures but they love it. ha!