Monday, November 8, 2010

a picture perfect weekend?

i've decided on a Christmas card. i'll "unveil" it once it comes in- but i thank ALL of you for your suggestions, votes, etc etc.

i narrowed it down to 2 & then it took me forever to click the "Order" button- in fact, i almost made 2 orders- 1 of each card. but i hardly need that many cards.

as for the "picture perfect" part- yeah. getting my kid to smile on Saturday was just short of torture. she would scream, cry, spit, and pout like it was her job, but smile? no siree.

after forever, and begging & swinging her around- we ended up with 1 picture that i deemed decent enough to grace our cards:

shirt: Marshalls
pants: dELiA*s
boots: Rocket Dog

coat: Target
dress: babyGap
tights: Old Navy
shoes: Amimoc (via thrift)

sweater: theGap
jeans: Lee
shoes: Saucony Vegan

she's sort of smiling/pissed off. meh- it'll have to do.

i would show you the horrible ones we got- but they were quickly deleted because they were very anti-Christmas spirit. but we got a few other ok shots:


i swear these are 2 different pictures. notice how she's smiling in one & pouting in the other- see?


and these were the best smiles we got- but as you can see, she's in the air. moving. not sitting pretty for a picture. plus- i look like i have a broken back or something- so no go.

but we got 1- and that's what i was shooting for!

other weekend highlights:

my child's adorable pants & LOVE for books:


shirt: Cherokee (Target)
pants: Target
shoes: Target

also, when i got home Friday night, my box from Modcloth was waiting for me. i was literally giddy over the contents:

Picnik collage5

my new silverware! the husband says they look like kid silverware- but i guess that's just it. they totally remind me of the stuff we had growing up & i LOVED picking out my fork/spoon- etc. so these were a must for me.

fast forward to saturday morning (when i eagerly anticipated using my new spoons) - i came out of the kitchen to this:


"alex, what are you doing so close to the tv?"



like, duh mommy. so i had to drag her back a few feet (which prompted a glare from her) but probably saved her eyesight.

she soaked up ELMO for another 15 minutes or so & then started terrorizing the dogs.
the husband had to go help my father move some things so it was just alex & i until a bit later.

she played, ate, napped, etc etc. then we ran a few errands & came home to try & get pictures (as seen above)

all in all- a good day.
sunday was another fun filled day- but i'll save that for tomorrow.
i'll leave you with this picture i found of alex. 5 am- happy as can be:


dress: Puma
shirt: Cherokee (Target)
leggings: Baby Legs
shoes: Trumpette

p.s. those shoes never stay on- impossible to walk in!!!
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Stephanie said...

You all got some great pictures. The one you are going to use is perfect.

Cute silverware, I love it!

Jess said...

I actually really like the photo you ended up with- sure, she's not GRINNING or anything, but it's still a really good photo of the three of you.
That girl seriously has THE cutest outfits. Baby Bird #2 has no idea how lucky she is already ;)
PS- love your husband's hat. We still need to find Elliot a Red Sox hat!!

Carol said...

Great photos! Why is a family shot so stinkin' difficult? We have almost no pics of the four of us...adding another child in to the mix, makes any photo with four heads in it regardless of smile or which direction they are pointing...PERFECT. LOL.

Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

adorable pictures!!! love your cute maternity shirt.

Tamara said...

I'm a little behind on my blog reading so I just got a huge dose of cuteness from all the adorable pics of Alex, I swear she is lucky to have such a stylish mommy who dresses her!

I looove that silverware, in fact I'm going to search online for it and check out prices, I need new anyways!