Thursday, November 18, 2010

series of events

wednesday evening

7:30 pm- alex goes to bed
9:45 pm- mom & dad go to bed
12:00 am- alex decides she hates bed
12:05- mom brings alex to big bed
12:05-1:00- alex kicks, punches, cries, screams, farts, snots- keeps mom awake, pisses off dad (it's the truth)
1:05- dad tries to get up & comfort alex- alex hates him- mom knows she must be the savior
1:07- mom gets up- sends dad back to bed- gets settled on couch- holds screaming alex & offers milk
1:10- alex is "all done" with milk- but not with screaming & crying & kicking & squirming
1:15- alex wants "elmo?" mom says yes to elmo, no to playing. alex is pissed- hates mom
1:20- alex crawls all over mom trying to get comfortable- mom feels bad, but her belly makes things difficult.
1:25-2:00- mom pleads with alex to sleep already. pretty please. i'll buy you a pony.
2:05- alex sleeps. mom tries to sleep but fails because alex's comfort = mom's discomfort.
2:15- mom finally wiggles into a somewhat comfortable position- alex snores & drools.
2:20-2:30- mom dozes but keeps waking up to a dead arm. decides that she must soldier on & ignore it.
2:35-3:40- mom sleeps. alex sleeps. dogs sleep. dad (still) sleeps.
3:45- mom wakes up to the deadest arm ever. seriously- arm refuses to move & mom momentarily panics thinking that she might be paralyzed.
3:50- dead arm comes alive. mom wishes it were dead again- omg.
3:55-4:15- mom shuffles alex off of her person & moves like a sloth in order to keep from waking her & facing her wrath
4:20- mom gets up. gets dressed. gets things ready. curses the clock.
4:30-4:50: dad gets up. dogs get up. alex pitches a fit while mom dresses her. alex falls back asleep. mom is tired. mom's ass hurts. stupid cat starts yowling- mom tells the cat to stop being fat.
4:55- mom hauls sleeping alex to the car- buckles her in- shushes her back to sleep- gets in the front- drives blearily to her mom's
5:30- arrive at mom's. alex awakens- she's a delight, like the effing sunshine.
6:00- mom heads to work- arrives- down OJ & cereal. curses the clock.
7:00- current- omg.

i'm guessing last night's drama can be blamed on teeth or an upset tummy. i really have no idea which. but seriously- omg.
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Desi said...

omg. you need a night off haha. I've had the arm scare before though and the pin pricks when its coming "back to life" is horrible. I hope Alex has a much much better night tonight :)

Jess said...

And yet here you are: a blogging mama zombie.
Yikes. Hopefully tomorrow night goes MUCH better!!

Tiffany said...

OMG! We might as well have been in the SAME.FLIPPIN'.HOUSE!

Seriously, Ansley was awake from midnight to 4 a.m. If she was in her bed, she screamed. In our bed, crawled all over us.

I finally got her to sleep a little after 4, but struggled to sleep myself cause she was on my arm and I was too terrified of the wrath that would ensue if I moved.

So, so very sorry :o(

Open Roads Mama said...

wow, sounds like our night last night! was it a full moon or something? :)

Jamie-Lee said...

Awww, I couldn't imagine! I hope you have a better night tonight and get your rest!~

Stephanie said...

Poor you!! Hate those nights. It made me tired just to read. I guess we have to have days and nights like that every once in awhile to really appreciate when things go right.

J.Mo said...

Not to laugh at your misfortune T, but omg, that was hilarious. Hope you and Alex get some much needed rest tonight.

Nicole said...

omg i'm tired just looking at your schedule. even if alex wasn't up all night, i could never get up at 4:30 everyday. you poor thing!

t.bird said...

gracias ladies- nice to know i'm not alone :)

then my mother informs me that alex slept for 3 hours today- really? no kidding.

i hope we all garner shut eye tonight!

Carol said...

It must be a full moon or something...we had a similar night with baby being awake from 1:15 to 2:45, which was enough to make me curse all things holy. However, your day starts crazy early. I hope you get off of work at 3, and are home and in bed by 7. I feel for ya, sister. I do.

Phoenix said...

I hope tonight goes better for you!

Here are two things I've found that work really well for my teething 13 month old.

Katie said...

I love this part the most:
arrive at mom's. alex awakens- she's a delight, like the effing sunshine.

So sorry that this was your Wednesday night! At least it's the weekend, and you get your sleep-in day soon.

mrs rexaroo said...

I'm sorry, nights like that suck. And the real kicker is that she arrives at grandmas all smiles! And you were the one bending over backwards to keep her happy! Darn kid.

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

Dislike. :( You need an award for that night. And you're pregnant - zomg. I would be dead.

Mitzi G. said...

I HATE those nights!!!