Thursday, November 11, 2010

alex outdoors

alex loves being outside- i think this is a fact for most kids her age.
unfortunately- sometimes it's freaking freezing & momma doesn't want to be outside.

but alas. i suffer- for this:


"ooooh!!!" ha.


this kid loves to squat. it's hilarious.


"alex- wanna go see the chickens?"




"...UH OH!!!" (this is one of her new fav things to say)

sweater: gift
dress: Target
tights: old navy
shoes: Target

dude- it's freezing. time to go inside.

so yeah- she's good with it until she realizes that she's actually headed indoors- then she pitches a fit. but the kid refuses to wear a hat & gloves 99% of the time so being outside for extended periods of time could possibly result in frostbite.

thankfully it's not quite winter yet- so outside time abounds- but this is a reminder that i need to order her snowsuit ASAP & find some gloves that i can strap onto her little hands.
and boots. and a hat that she can't yank off.

i've asked before, why dont' kids feel cold??? why?!
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Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

Oh my gahhh, Harrison LOVES being outside. Which I'm happy to oblige, but why does he not get cold? & how are stomping on leaves THAT entertaining? I wish I loved anything like he loves being outside.

Mommyto2 said...

My daughter loves being outside too but its no where near cold here. I think she could live out there. Me, not so much!

Elizabeth said...

she is just too beautiful! she looks like a little eskimo in that coat... so precious!

Tiffany said...

I HATE cold feet! And some mornings, Ansley will wake up with ice cubes attached to her ankles because she pulls her socks off at night. I can't handle it.

Carol said...

Adorableness and a really good question. My kids would sleep outside if I let them. It works down here, the weather cooperates 90% of the time. Great photos!

Ana B said...

Gorgeous photos and even more gorgeous girl! :) My daughter love to be outside as well, she's 22 months and thankfully cooperates with wearing a hat and warm clothing. We go outside for about an hour, or half an hour if it is really freezing. Your little one looks all neat, my girl jumps in the leaves head first! ;)

Open Roads Mama said...

omg, your little princess is just too adorable! what a cutie! love all the outfits you put her in too, she's one stylish girl! :)

Jess said...

I'd invest in the kind of hats and mittens that snap under her chin and to her coat/snowsuit. Sure, she'll hate you at first. But {maybe} she'll make the connection that the evil hat + mittens = OUTSIDE. :)
And... seriously? The first picture?!! If I were you I'd have SUCH a hard time choosing which pictures to frame/hang. Orrr my walls would look like an art museum's. hah!