Tuesday, November 9, 2010

35 weeks stats

OB Appt today @ 35 weeks & 4 days

- 35 weeks 4 days
- belly measured @ 36 weeks
- 151 lbs
- excellent BP
- heartbeat: 130's bpm
- no swelling
- baby#2 is still head down
- GBS swab (good times)

all is well & appts are every week now (omg)

i feel huge (and everyone enjoys telling me that i am) but i can still get around with relative ease. i do feel bad for alex when she tries to sit in my lap- because there is no room. so she usually tries to shove her way in & push my belly away.

she also enjoys lifting my shirt & pointing out my "belly button!!!"
then she'll look at hers- then back at mine- and then at the husbands...outie, innie, hairy = confusion. poor kid.

let's see- still no maternity clothes & with only 4 weeks left, i have no intention on caving. i did purchase 2 pairs of yoga sweats (hot, i know) that i intend to get good use out of though:


sat @ 35 weeks 1 day

and for a real treat- bare belly anyone?
i'm warning you now- it's scary...

turn back now....

ok, i warned you:


somewhat terrifying, right? it could be worse i suppose- but bare belly pics just make everything look so much...BIGGER! and...MORE REAL! and all that jazz. we'll see what the next 4 weeks will bring.

for those that felt compelled to look- let me ease the stinging in your eyes by gifting you with this picture:


gary & maceo- lovin' on each other. kitties are always cute- so this should atone for the above. like a sweet salve for the eyeballs.

and as a little preview for tomorrow's post:


my child- literally quivering with excitement over being outside. it would have been 100% hilarious & adorbale- if it wasn't like 30 degrees & windy.

dear God- why don't kids feel cold?
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Unpolished Parenting said...

No maternity clothes? Seriously? How in the world??? But glad everything is going so well... I can't believe you are like a month away from having Baby Bird #2!!!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

You're getting close!!! HORRAY! (And you look fabulous, "huge" or not. ; )

Carol said...

Love the bare belly photos! Seriously, no stretchies according to the camera...it's gorgeous, and will be gone before you know it! Something tells me this baby is coming early! Where does time go?

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Your belly is gorgeous! I love bare belly pics. I can't believe how close you are.

And Alex in her outfit at the end... reminds me of the front of the book "Snowy Day" (or whatever that book's called) She's so cute!

Amy said...

You look great..I swear you just announced you were preg!

J.Mo said...

Love that top T!

Mrs. V said...

Your belly is so cute! Not scary, lol!! I only wish I can look that good when I'm preg! I just can't wait to see newborn pics and Alex holding her! I wanted to ask if you ordered your Christmas cards yet!?? You can get 50 free from shutterfly for blogging about it! Check out my blog post from yesterday for more info!

Jess said...

You look great, even with the big belly! :) And I'm totally jealous- there's no way I could fit into my regular clothes. I do wear some non-maternity shirts quite often that I simply sized up in, but PANTS?! No way!! I'm in love with my maternity leggings and jeans.
I can't believe you're this far already. Or, for that matter, that I'm only a few weeks behind you. Where does the time go?!?!
PS- your kitties make me want one again. Badly.

Elis Momma said...

I can't believe that you are almost done with your pregnancy, and haven't bought any maternity clothes! That is amazing! I wore maternity clothes by 12 weeks with Eli!

Alexia said...

Love your belly pick girl! It's hard to believe your 36 weeks in those cute little Delia's jeans and hoodies ; ) Alex is adorable as ever!

Sarah said...

Been following your blog for a while, but I don't think I ever commented. Just want to say you look beautiful and your baby is adorable!

t.bird said...

gracias ladies!

and believe me- the stretchies are there- they just sorta blend in. i remember looking at my stomach after i had alex like- wtf?! heh.

Mrs V- i actually did order them (from tinyprint)damn! i like free things better!!!

thanks again ladies!

Anonymous said...

so exciting Trina, I just want to rub your Buddha tumtum!