Monday, November 15, 2010

warm weekend

this weekend was unseasonably warm.

warm enough that alex was able to go sans a sweatshirt on saturday.
sunday was a little colder- but still, no layers needed.

so we took full advantage & spent several hours outdoors:

sweatshirt: gift
pants: i made them via a pair of circo leggings & some reverse applique
socks: Baby Legs
shoes: Target
onesie: Crowsmack (via etsy)

alex had a blast plowing through the leaves, watching the chickens & chasing the puppies- she was in her own little heaven:


i don't think she always knows what to make of the ladies. their antics humor her- but then she stares at them like- wtf?! and she definately doesn't understand that fingers in cage = pecking.


eventually she loses interest & spots dadda in the shed- so she "runs" (she tries, bless her heart)over:



and as i stated before, after an afternoon nap we were back outside, with no long sleeves required:

onesie: Crowsmack (via etsy)


and after tons of fun- a pit stop was needed:


this kid'll do anything to drink out of a straw. i kid you not.

in fact- if she's sees a complete stranger with a beverage that includes a straw- she'll start saying & signing for "more" ...slightly awkward.

eventually we made our way inside- to sleep. she wasn't pleased, but we can't live outdoors child.

all in all it was a wonderfully relaxing weekend- in fact, i spent the entire thing in yoga pants- i even ran errands in them. is that a no-no?

i got about 20 looks of pity as i hauled around my toddler & my gigantic belly.

"oh my!"
"when are you due dear?"
"you poor thing!"
"you look done. simply done."

and my favorite:

"mommy- that lady has a fat tummy!!!"
"oh my GOD connor, she's not fat, she has a baby in her tummy!"
"oh...why? how come? what is the baby doing in there?"
"oh my GOD connor!! we're not having this conversation right now!!!"

children are precious- yes?
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Desi said...

Looks of pity are no fun. You look great. Alex is adorable as always and I love how she is obsessed with outside...Liv likes it too. Especially when we are at my parent's house.

Bekah said...

hahaha ooooh connor!

Erica said...

Beautiful pics!!!!! and lo,l ....i got those same looks of pity last summer hauling around a 2 yr old with a big belly! Gotta love it! Kids say some funny stuff ....last week i was telling my 2 yr old how she used to live in Mommies tummy.....she says "my baby brother lived in your tummy too right" I say "yes hunny".....then the eyes got huge and she had a disgusted look on her face and said "You ate us mommy?"

no comment

Erica said...

wierd i just said "my 2 yr old" but shes 3 brain is

Jess said...

We must've sent you the warm weather- we had a warm Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday... but by Saturday it was back to snow flurries/freezing rain. Yuck.
And hey, I get a whole different kind of looks... because everyone seems to think I'm a knocked up teenager. Ahh well. That's life.
The last conversation is priceless :) I would've had to try REALLY hard not to laugh. That mama was probably mortified.

Mrs.F said...

Love that little comment by "connor" LOL

And those little leggings? OMG. I'm kind of sad you made them because I need some for Gianna too!

Hanna said...

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Lo said...

i've seen you multiple times now over on SOS. everytime i click on a link there and find myself on your blog, i get excited that it's yours. i guess that means i oughtta follow you, right? you guys are so cute and make me want to join this mommy club.

Mitzi G. said...

Connor & his mom probably had a great car ride home........poor mom!!