Tuesday, November 16, 2010

36 week stats

OB Appt today @ 36 weeks & 4 days

- 36 weeks 4 days
- belly measured @ 36 1/2 weeks
- 152 lbs
- excellent BP
- heartbeat: 150's bpm
- no swelling
- baby#2 is still head down

we're down to weekly appts now. so i'll trek back next week with alex in tow (thanks to a week off) and see where we're at once again. i feel pretty good- say for one thing:

my coccyx.

it feels like i got kicked by a horse. like, directly in my tailbone. the fact that i have no access to any horses is besides the point- i'm still pretty sure that's what happened without me realizing it.

we're talking about a constant state of sore ass.
i didn't have this with alex. i dislike it. it's mainly when i'm sitting, lying down or getting up.

hmmm- so yeah- all the time. because that's all i do.
but it's ok- it's a small price to pay for the end reward. i remind myself of this every time i watch baby girl's foot slide across my belly.

who cares that it takes approx 3 minutes for me to get up from my chair- and who cares that i clutch my derriere whilst doing so? not i. ...well i mind a little- but like i said- totally worth it.

moving on:
i'm shocked i don't weigh more- you should see me eat. it's probably abominable at times (in regards to carbs mostly).
like next week? Thanksgiving? yeah- let's not even think about how much food i'll attempt to consume.

don't get me wrong- my days aren't spent stuffing my gullet- but i do my fair share.

and i'll leave you with these 2 pictures of baby girl #1. this should help you stop thinking about my ass & food consumption- it'll also prove that alex isn't happy 100% of the time.

in fact- in the early AM she is just like her father- miserable. why am i the only one full of cheer at 6 am? why?


dress: Cherokee (Target)
shirt: Cherokee (Target)
leggings: Baby Legs
shoes: Target
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Mommyto2 said...

During my pregnancy I had that same pain. Its the sciatic nerve. It started at 14 weeks and seriously did not end til baby was 3 months! I know how you feel.

Carol said...

She might be miserable, but she sure is cute! She's always dressed in the most adorble fashion. I can't believe you are 36 weeks already! I was due this same time of year when I was pregnant with my 1st...I packed on 10 lbs during the holidays...five of that during the week of Xmas alone and then baby popped out right after New Years...I hope your fate is different :)

Anonymous said...

Aww I really want some baby legs! Her outfit is so cute! :)

Little Sugar Monster

Jess said...

ONE WEEK from full term?! Holy cow, lady. You're going to be a mama to TWO beautiful little girls before you know it.
And hey, at least Alex pouts in style.

C said...

Its been a over a year since I have had G and I still feel like my ass is broken. I actually have to go to the Gyno, have her put her fingers where no fingers belong to realign my coccyx. Fun fun stuff.

The818 said...

It's almost over. This too shall pass.

In other news, Dee has that dress and I LOVE how it looks with the pink tee under it! Thanks for the inspiration Mama!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I'm sorry you're miserable! You are so close to being done, though, you can do it!

Alex is precious. It's just not right how cute she is!