Friday, October 29, 2010

blood draw in the morn

so, in about 24 hours i'll be watching my husband lock an iron grip around our child & hold her arm as straight as possible.

i'll then watch the devil a lovely phlebotomist, who is simply doing his/her job, stab her with a pitchfork something that probably looks a lot like this:

(image courtesy of google)

i imagine the writing will be in English & not Chinese...i hope.

i'll watch my child's face go from joy, to confusion, to shock, then pain & anger. she'll probably start wailing & trying to escape. however, the husband is strong. he'll hold her as still as possible because he knows i'm counting on him to do so.

i'll be standing off to the side- out of sight & out of mind- ready to swoop in & rescue my child as soon as the vial is full, the needle has been removed & a Dora band-aid has been pressed into place.

i'm betting the whole thing will take less than 2 minutes- right? right?!?!?

i sure hope so.

now i'm no pansy when it comes to shots for myself or my kid. i know it'll be over in 10 seconds & i know she's more pissed about being held down than getting jabbed in her chubby thigh.

but this is different. they're literally taking blood from her tiny vein. this is a child who will barely sit still long enough to let me wipe her nose- how the hell are they going to get her to sit still so they can find a vein & suck out her life force?

i mean, what ever happened to finger & heel sticks?!

gah. so we'll see. hopefully i'm overthinking this & blood draws from a 1 year old are easy as pie. no- even easier- like easy as boxed cake.

again...right? anyone have a kid that has had their blood drawn? is it all that bad?
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baker_ame said...

DD has a blood draw at 9 months. She screamed & SCREAMED while I held her in a bear hug. I just kissed her head & sang to her during the draw. But... she still managed to wave goodbye to the poor nurse inflicting all of the torture. She was fine after a couple minutes.

Good luck!

Bekah said...

no, but I just wanted to say I hope it goes well. I mean, as well as it can.

I used to have to get blood drawn fairly regularly as a child, and although I was older than Alex I remember the nurses being really nice.

Good luck

Carol said...

I've had this done multiple times with my littles, and I'd take a blood draw over the insertion of an IV on a baby any day! Actually, when Chloe was 6 weeks old, they needed to draw blood and decided to do a heel prick. I was so excited they wouldn't have to use the needle. Well, it was awful. They squeezed her heel so hard, and for over 10 minutes trying to fill that vial, and she screamed the whole time. Then, it turned out that the blood had dried in the vial because it took the guy so stinkin' long. Then, the supervisor came in, used the needle and she was done in less than one minute. Imagine how PIS*ED I was. I would go with the needle any day over that scenario...It's quick. It won't be that bad. She won't like it, but it will be over quickly, just make sure that you ask for someone who has a lot of experience with babies and finding tiny veins. Don't assume that the person that sees you first is the best person to do it.

Let us know how it goes :)

Kelley said...

Kayla had blood drawn for a lead test when she was either 6 or 9 months old. I didn't have to take her (hubs and MIL went). Supposedly she did OK... I'm still glad I wasn't there. The ladies in the office gave her a little stuffed animal that squeaks and she was fine by the time I got home from work.

Give the little sweetheart lots of kisses and she will be fine!!

Mrs. V said...

No experience with babies getting blood drawn here. I just had to have blood drawn myself the other day and I am a huge wimp. I always feel dizzy and fuzzy afterwards, because they usually make me fast and my blood sugar drops if I don't have breakfast. UGH I hate it! I do know it's just a tiny prick though. No real pain, I just hate it. I don't even watch. I didn't even know thats what the needle, tube, and vile look like until I saw the pic you posted! haha I'm sure she'll be fine. She probably just won't like being held down. Just give lots o kisses and she should be ok within a few minutes. Good luck!

t.bird said...

gah- gracias ladies.

i'm thinking she's be ok- i'll def insist on an expert baby vein finder!

Alyssa said...

Yes, Hailey had blood drawn around 7 months old. We went to a regular clinic, and they had to try 4 times with no luck and a lot of screaming. We went back 2 weeks later to The Children's hospital (not just a regular clinic) and they got it on the first try. It was awful watching her cry, but they were really quick and she forgot right afterwards.

Jess said...

Wow! I didn't even know they DID blood draws on them when they were so young. Unless, of course, they were deathly ill or something. Good luck! Hopefully she sits still or... daddy has a vice grip.
Elliot will probably be a seasoned pro at all of this by the time he's 2 months old, lol. Poor kid. At least at that age he can't really try to get away.

Erica said...

oh lord yes i had to sit behd my kid and wrap both leg around her and my arms around her because she is such a busy body .....she screamed and looked at me like "why are you letting this happen" but they did it fast and it was over quick and a few hugs and kisses later she was ok