Monday, November 29, 2010

catching up

i'm behind. on updates, pictures, general everything, etc etc. this is what happens when you're on vacation.

so i'll just dive right in with some Steppin' Out pictures:


sweater: Cherokee (Target)
shirt: Cherokee (Target)
skirt: Target
tights: gift (H&M)
shoes: Target

jacket: Vintage (thrifted)
sweatshirt: Target
shirt: dElIA*s
sweats: Derek Heart
boots: Rocket Dog


sweater: Cherokee (Target)
pants: gift
shoes: Target

11/25 (Thanksgiving Outfit)

dress: babyGap (size 3-6 months!!!)
tights: Target
shoes: Amimoc

she ended up with a sweater & her shoes to actually leave the house:


sweater: Cherokee (Target)
shoes: Target


skirt: babyGap (3-6 months!!!)
sweater: Cherokee (Target)
shirt: Cherokee (Target)
leggings: BabyLegs
shoes: Amimoc

and i think that sums up the outfits i actually captured- she obviously got dressed on a daily basis- but i'm only human & i can only document so much.

here's the rest of her:

(those tights- they slay me)


and at one point this week, my child randomly "noticed" the swing:


she insisted on getting in & happily swung for almost an hour- and then did this:


yeah- conked out for an hour & a half. then she woke up, i asked her if she wanted to get out & she said "No!" swing swing swing.

then about 20 min later she decided that she was "All done!"
however, she hasn't asked to get back in since. so fingers crossed that it was a 1 time deal & she won't try to remove her sister from the swing in the near future.

thursday = Thanksgiving & the need for a sweet dress:


imagine my shock when i pulled this from the depths of her closet & tried it on her...and it FIT! people, this dress = 3-6 months!
i think babyGap runs a bit large, but damn- she's 14 months old!
i was pleased though- saved me some money & she finally got to wear it.



then on saturday i decided to try another 3-6 month article of clothing:


another babyGap find- and the skirt fit. incredible.

and there you have it- picture overload.
let's see if i can sum up the rest of the week:

- vacation = hooray
- the Christmas Tree = UP & DECORATED!
- the home = DECORATED (this is big since i didn't deco for fall at all. shame on me)
- Buy Buy Baby = purchased bouncer (which i looove)
- husband = put together alex's new dresser (which i also love) and now we wait for the crib (in today?)
- husband & father in law = 97% done with alex's new room. walls are painted & the floor is in. just need the trim & some touch-ups (they promised to be done this coming weekend)
- Target = purchased rug for alex's floor. it's white & fluffy & i love it.
- Amazon = addtl AngelCare Monitor & alex's crib sheets purchased
- Nordstrom = alex's snowsuit & winter boots purchased
- the mall & various stores = almost done Christmas shopping (thank God for gift cards)
- Amazon = delivered the husband's b-day present which i allowed him to open early: Bradley 4 Rack Digital Smoker (i may have created a monster. he is now consumed with finding things he can smoke. dear God.)

aaand- there's more but Lord knows i can't recall everything.

this is my last week of work so i'll be wrapping things up & assigning clients out.
i'm stoked, nervous, exited, tired, slow, large, feeling good, ready to go, not quite ready- you know. a little bit of everything.

i'm praying this kid stays in until at least Dec 10th (my due date). that'll give me this week to work, next week to use up vacation time & then my short term & FMLA kicks in. almost perfection.

so i'm going to ignore the increased pelvic pressure & such i've been feeling & pray pray pray that she stays comfy (inside) for another 2 weeks. that way i'll have everything done (i think) room, house, car, work, family, stuff, etc etc wise.

i hope everyone had a wonderfull Thanskgiving & i promise to try & catch up on blogs & such. & such & such & such!
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Amy said...

I LOVE all of her outfits!! And you look so cute pregnant! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

Aly said...

Cute! My DD has wild hair like yours!

Tiffany said...

I am lusting over that dress.

I find that Ansley can still wear some of her "smaller" things, but some things that are her current size are so.flippin'.small.

Seriously, what is the deal?

lynn.marie said...

I SO know what you mean! My daughter is 12.5 months and I've randomly tried some of her 3-6 month wintery clothes on her and they fit! Totally shocked, but excited that I can use them! G is a bit small - 19lbs 1oz and 29 inches at 1 year. Just curious - is Alex similar in size?

t.bird said...

- gracias amy!

- aly: like mine or alex's?? ;) heh. either way!

- tiffany: right? so true- there are some random 12 month things that are so tight (mainly pants)- baffles me!

- lynn: yes! at her 12 month appt she was 19 lbs 7 oz (or something like so) and 29 something inches.
i think she just hit 20 lbs- peanuts!

Jess said...

Loving her outfits, as usual. I {cannot} believe she fit into those 3-6 month things! WOW! You should try them on the new little birdy once she's 4 or 5 months old :) It would be hilarious if they fit them both, at almost the same time.
I hope you have a productive last week or so of being preggo! Why? Well, because that way you can get all your stuff done... and I get to see pictures ;) hah!

Britt said...

She has the cutest outfits EVER! Love the kitty tights!

Mrs.F said...

Gianna has that same Gap outfit in 3-6 month size too! She's so tall though that it would probably be a shirt on her haha... might be worth a try?

As usual... Alex is a doll. And you look amazing with that belleh.

Mrs.F said...

Gianna has that same Gap outfit in 3-6 month size too! She's so tall though that it would probably be a shirt on her haha... might be worth a try?

As usual... Alex is a doll. And you look amazing with that belleh.