Monday, November 22, 2010


it's vacation week in our house. which means minimal message boards, minimal blogging, minimal checking mail, minimal internet- you get the idea.

instead we'll be out & about, running errands, picking up needed things, spending money, Christmas shopping, eating, finishing up a little girl's big girl room- etc etc.

however i don't want to neglect- so let's see- saturday:

hat: Target
shirt: Cherokee (Target)
sweater: Cherokee (Target)
leggings: gift
socks: Baby Legs
shoes: Target


headed in to brave the mall...

Picnik collage

where alex rode the carousel...with a bit of fear & trepidation, so i think we'll hold off on doing that again for awhile.

then we recovered our sanity via Starbucks:


where alex begged for "more more" lemon pound cake & charmed the locals.

we were out late- so alex crashed when we got home- but still managed to get up around 12:30am. i dragged her to bed & thankfully she went back down.

sunday morning came at a fairly reasonable hour- 7am. so we decided breakfast out was in order:


the husband has a slight iHop obsession, so that's where we found ourselves.
afterwards we made some time for Target & a few other errands. and then we headed home. for the rest of the day. glorious!
sweater: Cherokee (Target)
dress: babyGap
tights: Old Navy
shoes: Target


it was cooooold outside- so getting in & staying in = perfect.
alex was an almost angel (ie: minimal whining) & we had an awesome just us 3 day.

the husband finished painting alex's room (hooray) and i did a crapload of newborn laundry. folding the tiniest clothing ever definitely takes me back...and slightly terrifies me.

i loaded the drawers with baby clothes & gave my, not a baby anymore, toddler a bath.
warm jams (jammies) & a tummy full of milk = an exhausted alex.

to bed- only to awaken around 1:30 am. i brought her to bed where she proceeded to keep me up until 3:30 or so. ::side eye::
thankfully she slept until 8 am.

a lazy morning, a few more errands & lunch, followed by the rest of the day at home.
and now i sit here watching my kid lose her mind over Kai-Lan & Yo Gabba Gabba.

...she's also whining. which means "i'm tired"- perhaps she'll sleep till a Godly hour tonight, eh?
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Jess said...

I {hope} we get to see pictures of Alex's big girl room once it's finished- and the new babe's room too, for that matter!!!
Enjoy your week :)

Tales of a young mamma said...

I think your your daughter is absolutely beautiful!

Mrs.F said...

Love her outfits! Maybe I missed this post, but have you announced what you're naming baby #2?

Kim said...

That so funny, we went to IHOP and rode on a carousel this weekend, too! How random, it's not like those are everyday occurrences!

Angilyn said...

First, your daughter is ADORABLE! I was wondering where you got her little beanbag chair. My daughter would love one of those!

Jill said...

That stroller insert thing with the owls and the yellow amy butler fabric TOTALLY CAUGHT MY EYE....

What is that and where did you get it? I might need one of those!

Oh how I love looking at your pictures!

How are you doing?

E said...

What is it with toddlers and waking up at night again? ugh.

t.bird said...

jess: def! it just has to actually get finished- ha!
TOAYM: gracias :)
Mrs F: thank ya- and not yet! i figured i'd wait- suspense & all :)
kim: ok so random! and awesome- obviously!
angilyn: thank you! and i got it right at Target!
jill: thank you! and i'm doing well- large but well. and i got it via etsy:
go to that url!
E: right? i finally let her cry last night- and after getting up every 5 minutes for an hour she finally stopped...and stayed stopped until 7 am. AMEN!