Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas cards?

so i have a few options:

1. order cards now & send out Thanksgiving week (as i usually do)- cards will have a picture of alex only
2. order cards now & send out Thanksgiving week (as i always do)- cards will have a picture of the 3 of us (well, the 4 of us technically)
3. wait until #2 arrives, snap a quick family photo & send out cards the 2nd week of Dec.


i'm leaning towards #1 simply because i've got tons of pictures of alex so it'll be easy.
#2 is a nice thought, but getting the 3 of us dressed, outside & all smiling at the camera- dear God. i'm annoyed just thinking about it. but it'd be nice...

and #3 is a swell idea, because it saves me from doing birth announcements (the Christmas cards would be a 2 for 1 deal like we did with alex) - but i hate to wait that long. and what if she's late? then i'm screwed.

i'm anal about my Christmas Cards. i like them in your home by Thanksgiving so they can be properly displayed for a good month or so. and yes, i assume everyone would display our Christmas cards because they're bound to be awesome.

so yeah. what to do?

perhaps i should shoot for #2 by this weekend. so- if i can't get a good picture of us by Sun then i go with #1? yeah?

*added option*

4. find an adorable card (with no pictures of us) and send that out instead.

hmmm- that sounds rather boring. but my my my, there really are some fab cards out there....

so far it seems that #2 is where i should be to figure out if the husband has anything presentable to wear. i doubt it.
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Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

I say # 3!

It would still be before Christmas, and then you don't have to do birth announcements (or you could do a Christmas card/ birth announcement combo). It would save a lot on stamps and cards and such!

Plus, everyone will be wanting to see photos of the new little one. = )

Bekah said...

there is no way i would have been able to get a christmas card together right after Jack was born, and sine you will have two babies I would give yourself a break. Go with 2 is you can, 1 would still be adorable

Kim L. said...

Shoot for #2, and if it's a disaster, you've got an absolutely adorable #1 as a fallback!

Random Recycling said...

my vote is #2...we did the same thing. Baby #2 in our house isn't due till Feb so we got some cute pics of my growing belly in the family shots.
Good luck! No need to stress yourself out knowing you have Xmas chards to do when the new arrival comes home.

Nicole said...

I like to make things easy for myself so if you can't get a good shot of the 3 of you then go with option #1

Tabitha said...

I like #2...I'm anal about cards too, and like them in the homes as soon as possible!! Besides...technically baby #2 will be in there anyway...:)

Amber Lynn said...

I say #3. I like cards to reflect the whole family.

Mrs. V said...

LIke someone else said, I think #3 would be cutting it close. If she IS on time/early, you still may be too busy to get it all together. Do you use a website like snapfish? If so, you have to think about shipping too. I say #2 if you can get a good shot. If not, then I'm sure you have a bunch of pics you could use for #1 and it would be adorable!