Wednesday, December 1, 2010

alex's snowsuit & boots

alex's snowsuit & boots arrived at my doorstep on monday. when i got home i was simply silly over the Nordstrom box- silly i say!

however my kid was not in the mood to play dress up so i waited until the husband got home to stuff her in the new threads.

i would have taken a picture- but all she did was sort of stand there like a winter dressed blob. she can't really walk in the boots & the snowsuit is a bit on the larger size (even though it's only 12 month size)

she looked adorable though- so i think i'll make her put them on again & snap some shots. she thought the suit was hilarious & kept falling down & rolling around. thank God i decided not to go with the simply precious WHITE snowsuit from babyGap- that would have been a waste.

but here's what i did go with:



Patagonia Reversible Bunting

Patagonia is supposed to be the "king" of outdoorwear- so i sucked it up & dished out the $$$ for a good quality snowsuit that she can wear all winter & that her sister can wear next year.

i went with green because, hello- we like green! plus it's reversible so it's like having 2 suits- right? it may look boyish online- but it's really very unisex in my opinion- it's a really pretty green too!

i went with the 12 month size over the 18 month size & i'm glad i did because the 12 month size is a bit large still. so she should be comfy all winter.

plus- it's not a super puffy suit. it seems warm & cozy- but also breathable. i approve!



Kamik 'Snowbug' Waterproof Boots

i went with Kamik because they're awesome. cute, waterproof, comfy- etc etc. and i'm not usually big on purple- but they go so well with the green suit that it was a win over the pink, black or blue ones.

alex is currently a size 4, and these start at a size 5- so i grabbed a 5. they're big- but it's ok. thick socks & fluffy snow to fall in = A-Ok. she'll be able to wear them all winter & into the early spring. and next year- hopefully baby#2 will be able to do the same!

so there you go. our winter gear!
now if i can figure out how to make her keep her mittens on, we'll be golden.
i think i'm going to have to invest in some that have super long arm bands- because my kid freaking loathes her mittens.

the hat? she deals. mittens? hell no.
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Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

I might as well just bust out my credit card when I hit your blog because every.single.time I see something I have to buy. Those boots are so cute.
Bella hates her mittens. And because they are on both hands, they prevent her from being able to take either side off. Which means we hear a lot of muffled clapping and sighs of frustration.

Alexia said...

Love this snowsuit. The green is perfect! Alex will look gorgeous as ever in this. Can't wait for pics ; )

The George Family said...

Love the snowsuit. My little one is only 8 months, so I am thinking this year is too early for a suit, but I bookmarked the nordy's page- just in case they decide to put it on sale and I will buy it for next year! And gloves? My 3 year old thinks he has died everytime I try and put them on. Why why why?

Tales of a young mamma said...

you should look at the winter gloves from polarn o pyret found here

We got these for the first time when we were in Sweden when our son was one, and have gotten them every year since. They go all the way up to their elbows- and you can put them under the coat/snowsuit and they will never fall off!

Desi said...

I love how the snowsuit is reversible!!! That is such a great idea...I like the green too and hey if its the allstar of winter wear, maybe the new babe can wear it too :)

Lea said...

I love the suit and the boots, T!
I cannot wait to see pictures of Alex frolicking in the snow, now! She is so beautiful!

johannaknip said...

So cute! Do you knit, or know a crafty person? I rememeber having mittens that were connected by the thread used to sew them. So, they go up in the jacket and are harder to lose/get off. Maybe that would work?

M said...

I want to see her in it!!!

Kristy said...

Those are super cute! At least she deals with a hat. My kiddo won't even have anything to do with a bow. We're gonna be in trouble this winter!

Jess said...

LOVE that suit. Personally, I {love} green for a boy OR girl. I would've still done my nursery in mostly green and brown even if Elliot would've been a girl.
Definitely dress her up some other day though. I want to see it on! :)
Good luck with the mittens. I refused to wear them until I was like 3 and could be reasoned with {ie threatened}.

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

What an ADORABLE snow suit! If only it snowed here....sigh. = )

t.bird said...

gracias ladies!

TOAYM: i'll look @ the site! thank you!
Johanna: i can knit...scarves only! ha- i remember the long string that kept mittens together when i was a kid...

Richard S. Milian said...

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