Monday, February 8, 2010

week/end in review

the week/end in review:

1. clogged duct #3: it popped up thurs night- i massaged, warmed, pumped, beat my chest- to no avail. it stayed with me through the night. friday morning had me at my wits end. so instead of her usual bottle i decided to offer alex the boob. with pleading eyes i watched her face as i unhooked my nursing tank- i think she sensed my desperation because instead of fighting me, she quickly latched on & took care of the clog. i almost cried- i didn't think i could love my kid any more but i totally did after that.

2. cold #2: drippy nose, slight congestion, red cheeks- all the signs were there on saturday, but i crossed my fingers anyways. to no avail. as i put alex down on sat night only to have her wake up 10 minutes later with a mucous filled scream, i knew. ugh. so i elevated, turned on the vick's vaporizer, upped the humidifer & pumped her nose full of saline. i suctioned and soothed and made her as comfortable as i possibly could. sunday was a day filled with saline, suction, boogie wipes & vicks. but i have to hand it to her- she was just as happy as ever. smiling, laughing, cuddling & playing- warms your heart.
i realized this monday morning that i forgot to check for teeth. i'll do that tonight- for now she's with her Nenea (my mom) who has mothered through more colds than i can imagine. she's in good hands.

3. Converse sneaks: little boys (& girls) look cute in Converse. this is a well known fact- so this explains why i dropped $30 on a pair for someone else's kid. $30 on shoes for a 6 year old, am i insane??? yes- insanely in love with Converse. if i have anything to do with it, he'll be the best dressed kid in 1st grade.

4. my love for mainstream music: the new songs on my iPod you ask?
All The Right Moves- One Republic
BedRock- Young Money
In My Head- Jason Derulo
Daughter- Loudon Wainwright III (this probably doesn't qualify as "mainstream"- but i love it)

these downloads had me dancing around WalMart like it's my own personal club (while i filled my cart with Boogie Wipes, Vicks, Infant Tylenol, lightbulbs & milk)

5. a new kind of low: begging my unmarried friend to get pregnant so my child will have a sure BFF. in my defense- she's not exactely preventing but not exactely trying either. but i did everything in my power to convince her that babies r kewl & having one out of wedlock is no big deal (even if she is Catholic).
she also mentioned that she's been thinking about getting a Coach bag- i quickly jumped on board with this & assured her that it's probably just as important that she adorn her arm with said Coach bag, along with providing my offspring a lifelong companion.
i'm a monster.

and there you have it. my week/end in review.

and here's alex- sick as a dog, but happy as a clam:

see that bib? adorable, right?! loves it!

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PhinneyGirl said...

Super cute bib! Did you make it or get it on etsy?

t.bird said...

i got it on etsy!

gt31106 said...

non post related...I came across these and thought of you. I don't know if you have seen them before.

p.s. Alex is too cute!