Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alex's first taste of solids

so this past weekend Alex got her first solids. oatmeal & sweet potatoes! we also picked up some pears & peas for later this week (yum)!

so, how did it go you ask? well the hubs got to feed her the oatmeal first while i documented:

"hmmmm, what the heck is this?!"

"...what are you getting ready to do?"


"WHAT THE?!?!?!"

"errr, what am i supposed to do with this stuff?"

"have some more you say? well. perhaps i can assist you this time..."

"mmm mmm mmm!"

(as you can see, the dogs already realize that alex = noms)


then it was my turn to give her some:

"well this was fun..."

"wait! what is that you said?! something ELSE!?

"SWEET potatoes you say? well i like sweet things! let's do this!"



"wait, what? if i eat it i can have a pony in 10 years? well..."

maybe if daddy feeds it to her:

"ok- not as bad as before..."

..."not bad at all actually..."

"in fact, i likes!!!"

then alex decided that she could feed herself:

"see, i'm a BIG girl!"

"my precious..." (seriously- this pic cracks my shit up)

"there's going to be a NEXT time?! EVERY DAY YOU SAY?! OY!!!"

and there you go! she LOVED the oatmeal & eventually LOVED the sweet potatoes.
last night i gave her peas & she sucked those right down too!
as of yesterday she is 5 months old & i can't even believe it!! where is my baby going?! STOP!
i took some 5 month shots and i'll get those up ASAP. i was trying to be a "real" photographer & got some green fleece & set her up & turned on my speedlight- yeah. pretty big fail. NO natural light & thanks to cathedral beam cealings, nothing to bounce the flash off of. plus she was cranky- yikes. i got a few but they need some major editing first!
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also- this weekened Alex will be trying her Yo-Baby 3-in-1 Organic meals. i'll write up a review & post it on Monday along with a giveaway from Stoneyfield's YoBaby!!! woot!
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Mitzi G.!! said...

I am laughing my ass off right now; THANK YOU!!!

Danse said...

OMG, she's so cute! And you're lucky, I've been feeding mine oatmeal (1x/day only) for about a week and it keep turning into a big fat FAIL. Sigh. Pedi said not to introduce anything else yet, so whatevs. It's not easy to feed them both myself anyway, so I'm not rushing it.

Great photos, btw! (PS this monsoon I'm having here is making my "real" photography blow too, esp. since I'm natural light on a low ISO camera). WAH.

Buena said...

Great pictures!! I can't believe she fed herself -- brilliant!!

PhinneyGirl said...

Your pictures are so cute!

My DD doesn't like the oatmeal by itself, so I mix it with half a jar of fruit to make it sweeter.
For feeding solids I highly recomend the Baby Bjorn Bib that can be rinsed off, it saves on the laundry for the cute cloth bibs.

Diane said...

New blog follower here... and Love it! And the pics were great too! She looks like she's having so much fun and the facial expressions are priceless! Glad the first solids experience went well... hope we are that lucky when its our time!

Open Roads Mama said...

time flies, eh? my little one has been on solids for, oh God, I can't believe it - just over 4 months! wow! he used to make faces at all the new foods we gave him but now eats it all, no fussing at all. And now that we can actually give him what we are eating, it's so much fun. :)
Love the photos!

Ellemes said...

Love your "baby talk" between pictures. Too cute!

Saffy said...

That's BRILLIANT. I reckon that montage deserves its own place at her 21st :)

Anonymous said...


osuraj said...

That initial sweet potato face was priceless! :-)