Thursday, February 25, 2010

5 months old (2 days late)

actually, alex was 5 months old 2 days ago. better late than never i suppose.
as you can see, she was far more thrilled with her ability to blow spit bubbles than my attempts to get her to sit for the camera.

i got some shots of her the other day that i'm quite proud of:

omg- i want to eat her face!!!

bunny- der.
in other news: we haven't had power since 11pm last night. i woke up and realized that it was pitch black inside & out. the winds were whipping & the trees were falling. alex woke up a couple times & i tripped my way into her bedroom all the while, cursing mother nature.
it was actually pretty awesome though to watch the trees fly around- how they stay up without snapping is beyond me.
anyway- i brought alex into bed around 3 & she woke me up around 4:45. she happily played with my phone for about 15 min & then decided that she needed to be fed- RIGHT NOW!
so up & at em'. getting yourself, your husband & your 5 month old dressed in the dark is no small feat. not to mention that i had no way to heat up her bottle- so between the boobs it went.
no water, no light, no heat- nada. oy!
the husband left & then came back because the main road was blocked- so i had to hustle and lead him down the back way.
thankfully i thought to grab the 300+ oz of breastmilk that are stored in our regular freezer (the chest freezer is full) and haul them to my in laws house. i'm not too worried about the chest freezer, but the regular freezer will totally thaw if we dont get power back today.

so here i sit at work. fuzzy teeth, sleep in my eyes, frizzy hair & an orange shirt that is clashing horribly with my green pants (i thought it was black- wtf?!)
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Jennifer said...

I'm sure you look adorable despite the green & orange ;-)

Alex's hair is just sooo pretty! I'm way jealous! My boys hair is growing in, but it's not nearly as full & beautiful as Alex's.

Happy 5 months!!

Rebekah said...

Orange and green...interesting ;)

You poor things! Sorry to hear about the outage, but atleast the trees are staying put!

Alex is gorgeous. Hands down. Happy 5 months to your sweet babe!

Nicole said...

The edits turned out great!!!! I am also in love with the B&Ws you posted. Happy 5 months Alex!

Ashley said...

Alex is so beautiful! Sorry about the power outage, hope you get it back soon!

~nancy~ said...

Hi following you via mbc

Emily Jean said...

What a beautiful girl!!! Happy 5 months pretty girl!

The818 said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photos.

Deb K said...

Alex is just too cute!

I am now following you from MBC!