Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Old Skool Pics Edition #2

oldskool pics edition #2- woot!
here are some more oldies for your viewing pleasure:

miss amanda & myself circa 2002(?) i think i was 18/19
we were rockin' it @ Purple Door

i was very intent on my play dough sculpture of a drum set.
i'd like you to please notice my kick ass outfit- too bad you can't see the lime green Converse.

circa 2002: a (now) ex boyfriend bought me my first "real" camera (Canon AE-1)- so in an effort to be incredibly cool & artsy- i got some black & white film & tried to look etheral. yeah? nice.

bathroom shots- the best lighting is key.

ZOMG- i'm so deep.

Circa 2003/04:
i know i got my lip pierced @ 19- and i think it was election year...but i'm not positive.

yes- all snow white & such. i had just chopped my hair off (by myself ::headdesk::) and thought i was cooler than school.

Circa 2003/04: right before the lip ring- in the great city of Manchvegas with the "boy of my dreams" (at the time- now i love the hubs duh)
i look like i have a mjor tude in this pic

same year, same "love" (notice the "adam" bracelete- lolz. he actually went with me for the lip piercing- major ::swoon:: at the time) same hair (curly)
good times.

and last but not least- me, trying to be "sexy" on my bed, in my room. ::dead::

and there you go- i hope you've been thoroughly entertained by these awesome snapshots.
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metta1313 said...

I love old school photos. My mom is giving me her scanner/printer thingy and I can't wait to bust out the old school photos of me. Fun times.

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

awesome. :)

And how great are you??! Thank you so much for the banner! You rock! I am on a waiting list for a total blog re-design right now, so I am lacking all that cool stuff. Thanks, again! I heart you.

Heidi said...

lime green converse! i just scored some black ones and love them. totally inspired me a photoshoot!

Kaitlyn said...

Love! Oh, and I was at that Purple Door too, how fun?!

Rebekah said...

These are great! My faves: the side buckle belt & being "sexy" in front of the huge cross wall hanging!

Got my paci holder in the mail yesterday. SO CUTE!!