Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentines day

dilema: the husband needs to take care of alex (so i can bake) but also wants to play his new PS3 game (happy valentines day my dear) what to do what to do?

hmmmm? well here's his genius plan:

that's right- his own brand of torture. poor thing had to sit through some boring ass NFL game.
apparently it was just as boring as i thought it'd be- because about 15 min in this is what i saw:

that's right- fast asleep. lucky girl.

she saved herself from PS3 NFL hell- so i rewarded her by taking her out of the bjorn & popping her in her swing.
she's so freaking precious.
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Anne said...

Haha! I have pics almost identical to yours - although the bjorn is a nice touch and my hubby should try it!

janineb said...

its amazing what they will do so they can play their video games while in charge of the baby isn't it? When K was brand new, DH used to take the night shifts by rolling out a sleeping bag and several pillows on the floor of the living room with her tucked under one arm while he conquered some sort of civilization :)

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I totally laughed out loud when I saw her little face passed out in the carrier! How awesome.

And you are my hero, being in a 3/4 already! You rock!

JL said...

Hahahaha!! Hilarious. ;)

metta1313 said...

That is great. My husband would hold Abby and play when she was a bit younger. I can't wait to give him this idea. Love it!

Serendipite said...

I think that was a spectacular idea! I need to remember that if I ever get KU