Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Q&A- videos

*before watching- you to the bottom of my blog & turn off/pause the music- otherwise Regina Spektor's gorgeous voice just becomes an annoyance*

i answered your questions with a video! (well, not all of them, i'll finish next week):

and for kicks- here's alex discovering that she can smack her lips & tongue:

she so freaking cute i can't even stand it.

in other news:
remember when my camera got dropped ::wince::

well i thought everything was fine but lately it's been throwing Errors like crazy. so yesterday i shipped the body out to Nikon for assessment. $50 bucks later...OUCH! yeah.

so now i'm basically cameraless- i have my Nikon CoolPix but it's really just crap compared to my DSLR. example:

here are some pics i took last night.
it was dark out, i had inside lights on & i didn't use the flash:

please notice my new delias skinny cords ::swoon::

YIKES! i "cleaned" them up- upped the exposure & threw a polaroid action on them- but come on. these pics are crap. the only reason they're somewhat "neat" looking is because i worked @ making them look like a crappy pic on purpose. ::sigh::if i had my D90 & my speedlight- these pics would have been kick ass. this is just a reminder at how far cameras have come.

i mean, 4 years ago my CoolPix was pretty pimp. but now- blah. i mean, outside with natural light the pics would have been passable. but inside with or without the flash- they look absolutely horrid.

anyways i should have my camera back within 2 weeks ::fingers crossed::i wonder how much it's going to run me...? ::sob::

moving on- i'd like to gloat about something. the pants i have on in above horrid pics = a SIZE 5!!!

now i know for some of you skinny peeps out there, a size 5 = your "fat pants". but for me, a size 5 is like- WHOA! before i got ku i was very happily rocking a size 8/9- and while ku & for a few months after, size 10 was acceptable for me. but lately i've been looking dumpy & when my husband commented on how skinny i was geting, i knew it as time to suck it up & buy some new pants.

so we went to delias & i started trying on some of those popular "skinny jeans"- and what do youknow??? they FIT! so as i'm standing there in a slightly loose size 7, i braved it up & asked for a size 5.

i stood in front of the mirror & started to pull them on- the moment of truth....dun dun dun.....OMG! THEY EFFING FIT! and they look GOOD! REALLY?! is that ME IN THOSE PANTS!?

i flew out of the dressing room & pranced around for the husband. he told me the pants were so tight that i look like a little punk rocker dude- well this pleased me even more. i look like a skinny dude?! GO ME!

so i happily collected up my purchased & threw down $80 for 3 pairs of pants (and some socks):

skinny cords

super skinny jeans

and because i can't go skinny ALL the time:

boot cut jeans

so- now that i owned skinny jeans i needed appropriate footwear, no?

so to OffBroadway we went & i picked up a couple pairs:

Rocket Dog Boots

Steve Madden Moxie mocs

(they're basically these w/o the fringe)

and that's that! i've been walking around on cloud 9 since Saturday- once i stop breasfeeding i think that cloud might dissapate- but for now, i'll take it.

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Jennifer said...

Woo Hoo -- congrats on your size 5's! It feels good to hit those milestones after the kiddos come, ya know?!

I loved the video Q&A!
The Alex video is adorable :)
Hope you get your camera back soon!
~Jenn (one of your internet peeps)

Team Scienski said...

I juss love you to pieces.

that is all.


murphyec said...

You are too cute!

Rebekah said...

Go girl! You look awesome!

Leigh said...

I'm at work now so I can't see your vido but will look at home.

But YAYYYYY on the jeans - even when I'm back to pre-fertility meds weight I can NEVER wear skinny jeans as I have a huge butt and thighs *sigh*

And those photos look lovely - I actually love that effect you used. As you were talking "technical" I thought "what must she think of MY pics?" I just point and click, upload, post - that's IT :) No fancying up!

Mari said...

Loved the Q&A, the video was a great idea and thanks for answering my questions!

You look awesome, go mamma!

And Alex is adorable, as always... Awwww!!!