Wednesday, October 27, 2010

33 weeks 5 days stats

OB Appt on Tues @ 33 Weeks 4 days

- 33 weeks 4 days
- belly measured @ 33 weeks 3 days
- 149 lbs
- excellent BP
- heartbeat: 140's bpm
- no swelling
- baby#2 is still head down

i finally went over my LMP date & my ultrasounds with one of the OB's & insisted that they correct my due date. they had me over a week behind & kept insisting i was measuring ahead.

i wrote it all out- dates, u/s, measurements- etc etc & when the OB looked over it she agreed with me (duh)
so we're finally on the same page.

i go back in another 2 weeks, i'll get my Group B test (hello anal swab) and then it's every week (omg)
and if i make it to 40 weeks again- we'll set an induction date (if i don't look like i'll be popping out a kid anytime soon)

alex got to stick around in the ute until 41 weeks 3 days so we'll see if #2 is kinder.

and because posts are boring without pictures- i'll leave you with some of alex from a baby shower we attended a few weeks ago:


"oh hai. this isn't about me? i have to stop screeching?"


not drunk- high on crepe paper.


"that's a baby- right?"


"sorry- your stroller is belong to me now. k thnx."
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Mrs. V said...

Not too much longer! Have you thought of names? Or do you keep that a secret? :) Alex is super cute as always. That kelly green is so cute on her!

Tabitha said...

She's just so precious, can't wait to see what baby #2 looks like! :)

Desi said...

33 weeks?! Holy. You know you're getting close when you start seeing the doctor every week :). So excited for you.

Jess said...

Oh wow. Baby bird #2 will be here before you know it! And um... 41 weeks 3 days? Alex got spoiled because she was the first child, okay fine. But I'd kick THIS little one out around 40 weeks. lol :)
Speaking of Baby bird #2... have you and your husband already picked out her name? Considering names? No, I'm not asking you to divulge... I sort of like the surprise. I was just curious if you're going into L&D with a whole list, a few names, ORRRR if you two have secretly been referring to her by name all this time ;)

Carol said...

Okay, I'm pretty much floored that you are almost to every week appointments. Where does the time go? It seems like just last week that you took that first bump picture with Alex at your feet at 5:15 am!