Monday, October 18, 2010


my child was wide awake at 1 o'clock this morning. yes- 1 in the AM.

bright eyed & bushy tailed. i went in to soothe her (ie: stick paci in her mouth & tell her to "go back to sleep!") but my efforts were for naught.

when i stuck the paci in her mouth i got a resounding "NO!". tried again, "no, no, no!"
one more time- "NO MAMMA!" and as i stood there, bleary eyed & exasperated- wondering why my child hates me, i got the next round 1 year old brain waves:


wtf?! it's 1 AM!!!!

but it didn't matter. she was awake. so i grabbed her & her blanket from the crib & brought her to our bed. i got her settled & she started babbling about God knows what. and laughing-and pointing at nothing (because, hello. it's dark at 1 AM)

she laid there for a good hour, kicking me, pinching me, pulling my hair, patting my head, squirming, taling, whining- and whatever other methods of torture a 1 year old can think of at 1 o'clock.

somehow the husband sleeps through this (must be nice) but i had to lay there & take it. lot's of :

"that's ENOUGH! go to SLEEP!"
"...yes, i'm mamma. no, puppies are sleeping!"
"...i love you. i swear."

you get the idea. i have no idea when we both fell asleep- i just know we did because i woke up & it was quiet. praise the Lord. and then my alarm went off like 20 min later. dear God.

then when it was time for her to get up, she was tired & cranky. i wonder why?
anyway- i have no idea why she was wide awake. i hope it doesn't happen again tonight-because i might cry.
although i must admit, i had to laugh when she told me "NO!" to her paci & when she started babbling about puppies, teddy bears & milk. she's adorable- no question about it.

anyway- besides the early morning wake up, this weekend was stellar. a bit tiring (sometimes baby#2 really takes it out of me) but nice:


saturday morning. up too early & very pleased with herself.


sunday- if there are 2 things she loves more than blueberries, it's "dadda" & "kai-lan" and that's all there is too is.

oh yeah- one more thing:


apples. this kid loves apples. she'll eat an entire one by herself, and then come begging for more.

and that was our weekend.
well, one more thing- our pumpkin (it's actually for a contest at work- i'd better win! well i didn't actually carve it- the husband did. but whatever)


you can tell what it is, right?
alex sure can- every time she sees it she screams out "PUPPY!!! ...APPLE?!"
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Katie said...

There is some cute stuff on zulily by Scout by Bungalow, with dachshunds on it all, especially the Scout Signature Contraband Compact Case.

Jocelyn said...

Wow...we should have sent our kids to see each other last night...we had the exact same night! lol

Carol said...

It's a weiner pumpky! It's so hard to be mad at them when they are so stinkin' cute in the middle of the night.

Mitzi G. said...

It is hard to get upset when they say the cutest things huh?? I'll pray that you & she both get a full nights sleep!!

Jess said...

Well, it's probably a LOT cuter now than it was at 1AM... but... all that babbling does sound awfully cute. My husband would sleep right through that, too- he's the heaviest sleeper in the WORLD.
Looove that pumpkin! It makes me miss our dachie, Lucy. :(

Erica said...

OMG I feel for 3 yr old does that occastionally too and my 9 month old did it the other night...i seriously wanted to cry!!!

greta pix though...btw what kind of camera do you use?? Im in the market for a new one since my 3 y/o threw mine in the garbage :(

AmyLee said...

hey! this is the first time i've been by your blog & you already have me laughing. i love your writing & your pictures are gorgeous!

nice work on the wiener pumpkin. hope you win!

Stephanie said...

Love, love, love your blog!

I remember those days... I kind of miss them, now.

Love the pumpkin, good luck on the contest.


kk @ the mom diggity said...

sorry it was a rough night for you! but come on...doesn't that hat make it worth it?? Soooo cute!!

Rinny said...

Aw she is the cutest.
You have the most amazing little outfits for her.

Hanna said...

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You have a beautiful family and beautiful photos

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