Monday, October 25, 2010

all about alex. and chickens.

(p.s. i'm going to start telling you what "we're" wearing & wear to find it. mandy over @ harper's happenings does a "Steppin Out Saturday" thing & i like it. so yeah.)

so this weekend we had fun with alex. whatever alex wanted- she got (within reason).
i figured after a week of falling down the stairs & bashing her face into my mother in law's coffee table- she deserved it.

friday = stay up super late. like, 8 o'clock (that's later for her). she played & ate & walked around & talked & ate some more & etc etc. and i didn't put her down until she started rubbing her eyes:

dress: babyGap
shirt: Target
leggings: Target
shoes: PediPed

i swear my child isn't always 12 inches from the television. honest.
so after the eye rubbing started, it was time to get our pj's on. and since we've refused to turn on the heat until Nov (that went out the window on friday night because i felt guilty after looking at this next picture) this is how she walked around for a bit:

sweater: gift
pj's: gift
mocs: Amimoc

yeah- as adorable as she was, i figured i should bite the bullet & get my house to at least 63- right? i mean, she has a nice little space heater that toasts her room right up, but the rest of the house was hovering around 55 or so. even i (the human furnace) was starting to question our sanity.

anyway- saturday dawned bright & early (regardless of the later bedtime). saturdays are my day to get up, so up we were.
she had her bottle, cuddles, breakfast & watched Ni Hao Kai Lan (omg her favorite show). then we got dressed, played, took a nap & waited for daddy to get up:


hoodie: happy green bee
tights: happy green bee
mocs: Amimoc

the husband said she looked like christmas. i'd have to agree. but she was obsessed with those tights- not putting them on her wasn't an option at 6:30 in the morning. so christmas it was.

after mr. bird finally got up- i got dressed:


jacket: Target (circa 3 years ago)
top: delias
tank: The Limited
headband: H&M
jeans: delias
shoes: Birkenstock

and we headed out. i had a kick ass Yankee Candle coupon & we also needed dog food & cat litter (KA-CHING). so we headed off to the mall.

now the mall makes the husband twitchy & annoyed. so in order to get him through it we had to eat first. it's been awhile since we've been to Bertucci's- so it was decided.

we sat next to a table full of teenage girls & their mothers- so you can bet that alex put on a show. amidst all the "omg she's soooo cute!" & "omg, can you even believe her! i want to eat her face!!!" she did manage to ingest some food. and WAY too much of daddy's lemonade. that would come back to haunt us later.


she also tried to eat the dough that they give little kids to play with. we were forced to take it away- which resulted in an ear pitching scream. omg.

so we ate, got our candles, picked up some coffee for the husband & headed out.
as the mr went to put alex in her carseat- bam. the lemonade made it's re-appearance. pee. super.
so a quick bottoms change & we were on our way. next stop? Coldstone! i won some gift certificates from work so we decided to treat ourselves & our underweight child.

alex was enthralled by the ice cream- like, face pressed against the glass enthralled:


the hoodie: happy green bee
leggings: Baby Legs
shorts: Target
mocs: Amimoc

yeah. whoa! i tried to get pics of her actually eating ice cream- but to no avail. we were the only ones in the store so she was running all over. the two young ladies behind the counter were neglecting their jobs & playing peek-a-boo with alex instead. her head might have exploded. not sure.

after wrapping up our outing- we headed home. alex fell asleep & i decided to leave her be:


so while she slept- we let the chickens out of their coop to "explore":

Picnik collagechickens

chickens are so freaking weird. one minute they're happily pecking away & the next minute a leaf falls & they all stampede back to the coop. however, they had no fear of things that they should- like say, a cat?

Picnik collagechickgary

gary started off "stalking" them- and then when he realized that they couldn't have cared less- he gave up & started rolling around. "ladies, perhaps we can be friends? eh?"
i don't think they're too interested- they probably recognize him as the creeper that likes to sit outside their coop & stare at them. pervert.

after awhile we herded them back in & i headed inside bake & cook & clean & etc etc. after a solid 2 hours, alex woke up in a very sunny mood. we spent the rest of the evening playing & listening to her scream "NOSE NOSE NOSE!!!" (that's her new word) added bonus? she can point to her nose- and touch it- and stick her finger up it. she also likes to share these talents with other people's noses. so yeah. darling.

she passed out around 8:30 & still managed to get up before the sun.
sunday is daddy's day, so while i "slept" in, alex & the husband did whatever it is they do.
when i got up, alex was eating breakfast, which consisted of about 4 pieces of toast & an apple. literally. whatever works.

afterwards i gave her a bath & dressed her for the day:


dress: Target
leggings: Baby Legs
shoes: Pediped

she wouldn't stop moving & my lighting was horrible- but i managed to snap a few shots.
sunday consisted of staying in & a quick run to Target. for once, Target didn't have what i needed (GASP)- but i managed to snag an adorable outfit that i can't wait for her to wear.

after more playing, more "NOSE" & more apples (freaking apples)- bedtime came & down she went.
i went down myself about 2 hours later & spent the night dreaming that i was married to Matt Damon (which is odd, considering that i don't have a "thing" for him).

and then- hello 4 o'clock in the AM. meh.
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Carol said...

I love how the colors in your photos just pop right out! Awesome. And, the story about Gary & the Ladies cracked me up! Specifically, the pervert line. Hilarious!

I like the whole "where you can buy it thing" Especially for Alex, because she always looks so dang cute!

Phoenix said...

Is Alex holding a Fraggle Rock (Gobo) doll?

We got Netflicks for the Wii and Benjamin's been digging the Fraggle serious...fond memories for mommy!

Anonymous said...

Your blog would be more impressive if you learned to spell properly

Katie said...

^^I'm a grammar whore and haven't seen anything that would offend me.
Play nice.

I love how Alex puts her toys in the baby swing.. soon enough, a little baby bird #2 will be in there!

Jess said...

Dear anonymous: Haven't you ever heard of pregnancy brain? Cut her some slack!!
I love how the "little baby" things (jumperoo & swing) have now turned into makeshift toyboxes. Alex is going to be distraught when baby bird #2 actually needs to USE them.
Great pictures, as usual. You always manage to make everything... even just a regular weekend, seem very interesting. Seriously. This post held my attention. And I have a pretty short attention span.
Alex is going to have a big head pretty soon from being swooned at too much! :)
ps- the outfits are adorable, as usual. As is your BELLY! That baby bird must be growing!!

Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

it looks like a lot of fun dressing a baby girl! i'm jealous. we don't get too creative with my very "boy" boy. :)
congrats on the new baby coming soon!

Rinny said...

What a fun weekend.

I think Alexis is pretty much my favourite blog baby. You write so well describing your day. I feel like I can hear her little voice and imagine what you are doing.

She (and your lovely log cabin) is SO cute

Ingrid said...

Her outfits are seriously cute! Such a stylish little girl :-).

theGoldenDaisy said...

i just saw a bunch of dachshund (sp?) stuff on and thought about you and alex! it's kinda pricey, but SO cute!