Friday, October 1, 2010

12 month appointment


19lbs 2 oz (tiny but healthy)
29 inches (long & lean)


omg- my kid got 6 shots today. 6!!!

we go balls to the wall with shots, so no delaying anything. we also tossed in the Flu shot on top of things. so the grand total = 6. alex was a trooper & the nurses tag teamed her so it was over in like 10 seconds. but my Lord- i got misty when she started screaming.

thankfully the husband came & held her down- then i got to snuggle her afterwards. poor little thing. she got over it pretty fast & i dropped her off at grandmas on the way to work & i'm pretty sure she'll get spoiled today.

they wanted to do her bloodwork today as well. that would have mean them taking blood from her little ARM! wtf? no freaking way! i told them we'd wait until Nov when we come back for her Flu Booster. again, the hubs is coming because i don't even want to think about it.

anyways- so she's healthy. tiny but healthy. the Pedi wasn't worried about her weight or height & because i'm pretty small (and so is the hub's mom) it's no biggie.
she's right on track with everything & she goes back in Jan for her 15 month appt.

this is what she can do:
- waves hello & goodbye
- almost walks (aaaalmost)
- climb & hunchback crawl
- do the sign for "more"
- eats everything in sight
- drink from a sippy (juice or water ONLY & only sippys with straws)
- takes down 20-25 oz of whole milk per day (bottles)
- "combs" her hair (she does a pretty bad job. but God bless her she tries)
- screams (like a lot. she's totally a girl)
- wipes her face
- poops a lot

this is what she can say:
- mamma
- dadda
- keys (i swear to God this is her favorite word. plus she's OBSESSED with them. so random)
- more
- puppies
- hi
- juice
- yum
- no
- yes
- up
- nenea (this is what she calls my mom)

and she'll repeat whatever she can. like i said "shit" the other day & she was like "...shit?" OMG. sorry God! i'll stop- i promise! freaking kids.

and i think that sums it up. 1 year. wow. i find it amazing that we get to watch our kids grow up & learn stuff. and do stuff. and become LITTLE HUMAN PEOPLE! how does this happen?!

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Elizabeth said...

she sounds so smart!
and 19 lb 2 oz is not tiny! my son was 17 lb 9 oz at his 12 month appt. yay for small but healthy babies!
our pedi took the blood from his big toe. i think that's a great idea... he didn't even cry!
way to go on the shots, Alex! :)

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

They grow up so fast, it's crazy! And LOL at the cussing, it's amazing how fast they pick things up!

Eliza said...

Alex says quite a bit! That's awesome! Also, Teva just had her 12 month appt and she weighed 17 lbs 7 oz, and was 30 3/4 inches! Our little super models!! Ha!