Wednesday, October 6, 2010

30 weeks 1 day

30 weeks 1 day


this was after the fair- i swear i looked skinnier before hand.

still no maternity clothes- regular sized Small leggings & shirt.

i'm in love with that tunic- i got it @ Target for like $28 (which is way more than i wanted to spend- but i put it on & it was just so comfy) One Star or something.
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Erica said...

u look super cute!!! makes me miss my baby belly :)

B said...

I recently started following your blog (from Mrs. Foreste) and I love it. You have a precious daughter and I can't wait to "meet" your new one :)

MrsBro... said...

You look fabulous and I covet your boots. Where did you get them?!

Jess said...

Lookin' good, mama! :)
You and I dress very similarly, although I've had to graduate to maternity leggings, because the waistband on my regular size small leggings were digging into my stomach and it was quite uncomfortable.
And I TOTALLY love rainboots. I have three pairs. It doesn't rain very much here, though.

Emily said...

You look so good! I love that you are making regular clothes work...they are so much cuter!

Mrs.G said...

How in the WORLD are you still not in maternity clothes?! You are a freaking rock star! You look adorable and I'm jealous. :)

Lori said...

You look amazing!!

I'm your newest follower...

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

Sigh. You look amazing. I echo so many others when I sat you make me want to be pregnant again. You just look so darn cute.

Love the boots.

Jill said...

I want to look like you when I'm pregnant! I think you look amazing! Can't believe you're 30 weeks and 1 day! WOW!

t.bird said...

thanks ladies! i'm actually a little suprised that i'm the size i am- i got a bit bigger with alex...weird.

MrsBro: they're Hunter Wellingtons! go thee & buy yourself a pair!

Jess: i never thought i'd like leggings...and rainboots! but hello comfort!

gracias to the new followers & thanks again! i swear my head isn't getting bigger :)

mrs rexaroo said...

Aww, your bump is adorable, like the others, it makes me miss being pregnant. I love the sweater!