Thursday, October 14, 2010

adorable red moccasins? FOUND!

so, remember the red mocs that you all loved so much?


many of you asked where you could snag a pair- but ALAS! i had no idea, since i found them via a consignment store.

well- after much internet searching, the Holy Grail has been located! when i finally clicked on the link that brought me to a full page of them- i cheered. i feel like i should get some sort of award for being able to find stuff on the internet- cause i'm pretty good at it. no lie.

so, i quickly clicked & snagged a couple pairs. they arrived yesterday & i practically did a jig as i opened the box:


now you might be wondering why i grabbed 2 pairs of the same color? well, i did it for you guys.

yes- that's right. you can thank me later.

the red pair i have are a size 3 & they JUST fit. like actually, if i'm honest with myself- they're too small. real snug like. but just wearable. so i assumed a size 4 would be best- but then i wasn't sure. what if a 4 was an ok fit but still too small? so maybe i should get a size 5? and there are no sizing explainations- so i was at a loss.

so i bought 1 pair in each size. 4 & 5. Amimoc Infant (4) & Amimoc Toddler (5).

i'm happy to report that the 4's are PERFECT! like literally- perfect. they're big enough & she has room to grow but they're not too big. she can walk in them just fine & her little toes can breathe. i'm guessing they're last her through the winter & spring.

the 5's will probably fit her starting this next summer/fall. maybe- considering that her feet never grow- maybe through next winter. we'll see.

so there you go:


adorable mocs.

now where to get them? Sears Online! go ahead & click here: Squee worthy mocs

now, they're not cheap. $32.99 for a pair of infant shoes isn't a drop in the bucket. but they're hand made in Canada & the quality is amazing. Sheepskin & Sheepswool & gorgeous stiching & coloring. plus, the pull ties are a dream come true- they make taking them on & off a breeze. no squeezing in chubby bebe feet- just slip them on & tie them up!


right now Sears is having a Buy One Get One 50% Off Sale! and free shipping over $49.

so that mean you get 2 pairs for $49.48! that's a total steal people. TOTAL!

i almost fell over when i saw the final price. in fact- i'm considering ordering a couple more pairs for baby bird#2...squee!

so yeah- i expect 99% of you to run to your computers & start filling your Sears cart with baby/toddler mocs. because it's the right thing to do.

de nada.
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Britt said...

I'm doing it right now! I LOVE these shoes :)

Her Momma said...

OMG I LOVE THESE SHOES. Thank you for posting this! :)

abby said...

THANK YOU for finding these! And I usually fancy myself as pretty good at finding stuff on the internet, so I'm a little ashamed that I didn't find 'em first...

Katie said...

Christmas gifts for the nieces -- DONE!

Anonymous said...

It's sick how cute those are.

Nicole said...

I'm so glad you posted this! I'm a huge admirer (is that even a word?) of Alex's clothes :)

Alexia said...

Thank you so much for finding these! I have been secretly obsessed Alex's red ones for a while now! Love love love em...

Mitzi G. said...

They are darling!!!

Anonymous said...

Why oh why do they not make these in adult sizes!!?? Those green mocs are beyond adorable!!

lynn.marie said...

Those are so adorable!! Perfect for fall. Quick question - your pictures look great so I was wondering what type of lens do you use on your camera? I just have the kit lens that came with my Nikon D90 right now and am researching which one to get next. Thanks :))

t.bird said...

no problem ladies- i'll do my best to bring you the fashion goods i find :)

Lynn- thank you! my main lense =
35mm f/1.8

it's the best fixed lense for your buck (IMO)- it'll run you about $198 and it's worth every penny. i say go with the 35mm over the 50mm because you won't do as much backing up to fit things in!

i also have a zoom lense that i hardly ever use anymore- 18-200 f/3.5. great lense- but the 35mm is my fav :)

Katie said...

what brand and model of camera do you have?
my husband and I are thinking of investing in a "real" camera. our cameras are 6.5 years old, only 5mp, but our droid incredible phones have 8mp!

t.bird said...

Katie: i shoot with a Nikon D90.

Canon also puts out many a sweet camera- but i'm a Nikon girl :)

Care said...

Love the pics. Super cute shoes, but I'm too much of a cheapo to buy them. Maybe santa will, ;) LOL!

Rinny said...

These are so cute I posted about them today with a link to your blog.

love it!