Monday, October 11, 2010

pumpkin pickin'

considering my obsession with fall, you'd think our home would be filled with pumpkins by now.
maybe one on the porch- one on the front steps- and perhaps a few small ones placed in random spots around the house.

but alas- this is not the case. i've been cheap & lazy- so my house has remained somewhat undecorated.
so this weekend i decide to remedy that situation by dragging my family out to pick pumpkins. well i suppose we didn't actually "pick" a pumpkin- rather we picked "out" an already picked pumpkin.
much easier.

the original plan was to buy a bunch of pumpkins- because pumpkins are colorful & fun! but considering how much the charming little Farmer's Market charges for pumpkins- we wound up buying 1 big pumpkin & 1 small pumpkin for inside.

but pictures are priceless- and so i guess paying $13 for 1 pumpkin was worth it:


gah! she's so cute. she was in LOVE with the pumpkins. in fact, she tried to eat the small one we bought. she started licking it & then biting it. i tried to explain that pumpkin doesn't = apple but to no avail.

i demanded the husband take a picture of alex & myself. we've already been over his inability to actually take a good picture- so this is what we ended up with:


a bit blurry & out of focus- with a face full of sun for me- but you get the idea.

after we purchased our pumpkins & some apples (omg i made apple crisp) we headed off, in a haze of pumpkin happiness, to buy out the husband's lease on his truck.

this is when my love for pumpkins started to sour a bit.

the stupid town that we had to go to in order to buy his stupid truck was having their stupid pumpkin festival with meant we sat in stupid traffic for a freaking eternity. stupid.

so i'm sitting in the back of the truck with a VERY cranky child who is pissed because i won't let her eat the damn pumpkin. then she spots the apples & DEMANDS i give her one. so i have to watch her like a damn hawk because apples = choking. there's no way around it.

then she gets pissed & throws the apple & starts SCREACHING. it's getting hot & stuffy and the adorable red pea coat, that i was so eager to put on her, is causing some major overheating.
not to mention i'm stuck in the back with my own stuffy coat, a bag of apples, pumpkins, a screaming kid & a HUGE ASS TARP THAT I ASKED THE HUSBAND TO TAKE OUT OF HIS DAMN TRUCK LIKE 2 WEEKS AGO!

yeah- pumpkins suck.

anyway- we finally made it to the car place only to be told that he would have to come back monday cause they were blah blah blah blah. God only knows. whatever. fine.
i open the side door to get back in & one of the stupid pumpkins falls out. wtf?! thankfully it only fell on the stem- but now the stem is all weepy with pumpkin stem juice (or whatever)- annoying.

we finally get home where i strip my child & myself & put on some comfy clothing. i then declare that we will spend the rest of the day at home in a state of relaxation. amen.

...30 minutes later i realize that i need a bunch of crap from Wal Mart & that my "stay home & relax" declaration was a mute point. suck.

after some procrastination, i dragged myself (and alex) out to Wal Mart & picked up our much needed items (apparently a box of crackers with Elmo on them are "much needed")
and when i pulled into the driveway i noticed that the husband has placed the pumpkin on our front steps.

i REALLY wanted to kick it & watch it roll away. in fact, i could feel myself being satisfied with doing so & i'm pretty sure some sort of sadistic smile was flitting across my face.

...but then i remembered that we dropped $13 on that effing thing & i let it be.
stupid pumpkin.
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Erica said...

OMG how darn cute are u n alex at the pumpkin it!

Jess said...

Oh man... stupid pumpkin says it all!
WELL, let's look at the bright side here: you got some great pictures (um... how cute is that peacoat, even if she hated it?!) and you did, afterall, manage to get one large overpriced pumpkin :) Mission accomplished.
I hope you were able to actually enjoy yourself after you got back from WalMart!

jenn said...

you crack me up! sorry your pumpkin outing wasnt all happy happy joy joy!
but the pictures are great (as always!) and the story is priceless!

C said...

OMG! The pea coat, the cow print leggings, the shoes.. THE SHOES, ADORABLE!!!!

You look so amazing too!

You should have gave that overpriced pumpkin a kick. Even if it was just a small one.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Alex's shoes! Where did you get them?!

Tamara said...

You and Alex are both SO CUTE!