Thursday, September 30, 2010


at my OB appt this past tuesday:

- 29 weeks 4 days (they have me listed @ 28 weeks 4 days)
- 145lbs
- belly measured @ 29 weeks
- heartbeat 135-143 bpm
- no swelling
- excellent BP
- Gestational Diabetes = no. Anemia = yes (just like last time)

so- all in all i'm doing well. the 145lbs pleases me because that's how much i weighed when i got pregnant with alex. i was 173lbs when i delivered.

i was 125lbs when i got pregnant this time around & i've put on 20lbs in 30 weeks. not horrible. i'm guessing i'll top out around 30lbs gained again- which i'm ok with.

the dating they have me at is somewhat annoying- i'm 29 weeks 6 days today. however they're basing my dates on my 1st couple u/s which were a bit behind. i'd caught up by my NT Scan & "Big" U/S but they're standing firm. whatever- we'll see how it goes as i near the end.

in other news- the fair is this weekend. which means fried twinkies, apple crisp, cotton candy, fried dough & all other manner of un-healthy things.

will i be indulging? yes- yes i will. so i might actually gain 40lbs with this pregnancy. but it's not my fault.
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Joel and Cindy said... did you lose 50 pounds in just a few months after having Alex?? I gained about 40 pounds with mine, and now, 2 months later, I've managed to gain 2 pounds. I've been eating better and working out (Jillian Michaels) every day since 6 weeks. What's your secret?? :)

Lindsey said...

So glad things look good!!! And way to go with your weight loss after Alex!

Bekah said...

looking good!

Jess said...

Glad things are going well :)
And haha, go ahead and indulge, mama. The way I look at it- I'm going to gain weight anyways. And this pregnancy is a GREAT excuse! :) I'll worry about my weight AFTER this pregnancy.

Nicole said...

so if you bf this baby can you imagine what you'll freaking weigh?!?! Like 105lbs. One of the best benefits of bfing, isn't it?

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

You are doing great! Such an inspiration! Best of luck with the final stretch!

I'm 15 weeks with # 2..! I always like to see other moms on the same journey!

Mrs.F said...

I stopped reading at fried twinkies. OMG those sounds delicious.

Tiffany said...

You look great! Isn't it funny how we know our bodies so well, but doctor's insist that our dates must be wrong because their machine gave them a different date? With mine coming 5 weeks early but being completely healthy (and weighing 7 lbs.), the nurses were sure that I must have had my dates wrong. Nope, sorry. I know FOR A FACT. Silly doctors.
And, enjoy a fried Twinkee. And have some funnel cake for me, would ya!

Carol said...

You are doing awesome! Any gain under 70 lbs is pretty awesome, and you'd really have to go on a bender at the fair in order to break that mark.

And you should be seriously impressed with yourself that your starting weight was less the 2nd time around. I'm no expert but I would say that doesn't happen very often :)

t.bird said...

J&C: i can only attribute it to breasfeeding. seriously- i was like a cow. 60+oz per day. oy. plus, alex had a dairy allergy so i couldn't eat much dairy. that sucked- but it probably helped too. i was pretty shocked at how much i actually lost!

Lindsey, Bekah, Jess: gracias!

Nicole: right?! i'm eager to see if it's going to come off like last time- hooray for skinny! the bad part is when i stop- i gained 5lbs in like 2 weeks!

Caroline: congrats! it's going to go SO FAST with #2!!!

Mrs.F: fried Twinkies are probably a sin. it's GOT to be in the Bible somewhere- thankfully i haven't found it yet ;)

Tiffany: right? it's annoying yet i'll be smug if she comes "early" because we'll know it's really not!!

Carol: right? i was pretty shocked- i just pray it comes off like it did with #1. or i'll cry!