Tuesday, August 31, 2010

random pictures

these are photos that i just haven't put up- and i want to. so i am.


a walking stick the husband found. he was very excited (like came in the house screaming, similar to a 5 year old) and insisted i take pictures.
this is when i reminded him how awesome it would be if he bought me the macro lense i'm lusting after. right???


more pics from alex's 11 month old "shoot". horrible lightly- lots of noise- etc etc. but she looks like a little man. sort of. slicked back hair & all.


it was early- far too early. but that's my reality. and you have no idea how thrilled i am that those slippers finally fit. omg- i love them.


my brother in law's girlfriend's baby shower- alex assumed that it was all about her. alas.


alex was OBSESSED with this dog (and his toys)! like, she thought he was the best thing ever. she following him around & he played with her & kissed her & bowled her over & she didn't even care. everything he did was hilarious in her eyes.

and he was just awesome with her. he's still a puppy himself so he was a little crazy- but pretty gentle too. and wicked smart- i mean, my dogs seem pretty dumb next to him- it's the truth.

by the end of the day she looked like a hot mess- but a happy hot mess.

and there you have it. a random assortment of leftover pictures. enjoy!
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Bekah said...

1. I just saw a walking stick last weekend, but didnt have my camera!

2. LOVE Alex's slippers! I just posted a picture today of the cute little moccasins I scored for Jack! Im a sucker for baby shoes.

breedwoman said...

OMG where did you get the slippers! i love them too!

johannaknip said...

Her little ruffle butt is the cutest thing I've seen all day. She is such a doll!

Care said...

I love her ruffle butt. She is adorable. Is her hair curly or wavy or kinda a mix? It's really cute and sooo long for 11 months!

Carol said...

I love the fresh out of the bathtub, wet head, baby pictures!

Yeah, Hubs needs to splurge on that Macro lens...maybe it can be your push present...although, you wouldn't want to use it for the push...grrr...you know what I mean. I'll stop now.

Mitzi G. said...

I LOVE her hair combed down like that & don't think she looks like a little boy at all!!

Jess said...

The pictures with the dog are GREAT!! It seriously, SERIOUSLY makes me sad that this little one won't have our dog Lucy around. Not that we won't most likely get another the minute my husband gets back from overseas- but STILL.
And that giraffe stuffie- gorgeous. Do you remember where you got it?

Jessica Radick said...

Those slippers are to die for!!!! I love them, and they look so comfy and warm!!!! Your baby is just a doll! Adorable!


kk @ the mom diggity said...

seriously...her hair. WAY too cute!!

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

The ruffle butt is tooo cute!!