Friday, August 20, 2010

24 weeks

here it is- 24 week belly & 10 month old baby.

forgive the quality- she was a moving machine this morning:


i swear my fly is up- i think.


she was trying to make me move in the last one. repeatedly headbutting me is obviously the way to make that happen.


you know- looking at my zipper it just might be time to move on up to some other pants. i swear it's up- but you'd never know it.

and done. thank you all for the invitation suggestions. i'll see if they can make the writing bigger because i think that'll be the perfect touch!
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Desi said...

you look so good! love the belly and i feel your pain with the headbutting!!!

The Cargals said...

Blog stalker emerging to comment...super cute shirt on daughter has the same one....two weenie dog household them!!!

Anne said...

You look great! Yay for 24 weeks, almost to 3rd tri :)

Jess said...

Your belly is just too cute! And Alex is just adorable.
I realized something today- I'm 20 weeks, and you're 24. But our babies will most likely be born around the same time, since they plan on inducing/sectioning me about a month early.

shawnandlarissa said...

Looking good!

Ingrid said...

She is such a cutie! Happy 10 months!

Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

she's darling & you look wonderful!

祁聿雨 said...


Charity said...

you look great mama congrats again to my 1st IVFer inspiration person yaaah i internet lurves you much lol ;) I cant wait to "meet" her !! lol

Tamara said...

What a beautiful baby bump!