Tuesday, August 10, 2010

baby bird#2 is a...


i must say- i called this one. sort of. i kinda assumed this one was a boy- but i said girl anyway. you know?
so when the tech said GIRL i wasn't really shocked or anything- just like...oh snap! another GIRL!

the husband looked like a mix of pleased + terrified. i really think he thought this was a boy. he is scared for his life now. he's pretty sure that he's never going to get to sit down & spend 7 hours watching the NFL Network in peace ever again.

poor man. anywho. so yes- baby bird #2 is a little lady loo! and she looks perfect (and big...hold me) and i'm stoked! i've got girl things & i know how to "do" girl stuff & i'm pretty sure that alex & #2 will be bff's forever & ever. hooray!

but you know what else this means? this means that the hubs is dead set on gracing the world with a little boy made from his sperm. so yes, 3+ kids it is. maybe. probably. eventually- i dunno? oy!

names? we're working on that one. i'm actually RELIEVED that there is a little lady inside of me- because we can agree on girl names. not so much on boy ones. so this saves us.

soooo- now that you've all passed out from the excitement (right?) we can move along.
i'd like to show you what Sunday consisted of:


sunday is my "sleep in" day- so when i got up & came out to the living room, this is what i saw. ::melt.puddle.on.floor.me:: you catch my drift. precious.

however the in-laws were headed over so i had to wake up the hubs & move the sleeping child to her own spot:


be still my heart.

eventually she woke up (when grandma arrived) and spent the rest of the day being doted on. and while grandma doted, mom cooked & daddy & grampa 99% finished the chicken coop:


once the chicken wire goes up this baby will be complete. if i were a chicken i'd want to live here forever. yes i would.

and as for the chickens- well i have no new pics. my bad. they've basically doubled in size & seem to be establishing a pecking order of sorts. i'll get pics ASAP.

and there you have it.
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Ashley Sisk said...

Congrats on another girl...if we were in your situation, I'm pretty sure my husband would want to try again as well...but that would be it!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you! The world definitely needs another gorgeous Bird girl!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Oh my gosh, your chicken coop is so stinkin' adorable!

D said...

Congrats on another baby girl bird! And those pictures. Not even my babies and my heart melted!

Bethany said...

Yay! Another girl!!
Plus, is it me or does Alex look like a little person in those pics?! She is too cute!!

Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

hh, congrats on your daughter!!! woot!

E said...


Bekah said...

Congrats on the girl!!! Im sure she will be a beauty like that big sister of hers!

Erica said...

Congrats on the little lady to be!!!! Lucky you!!! I love my son but i hope someday i will have another princess :) awesome chicken coop too btw!

Carol said...

May vaginas rule the world, well, at least your house! Awesome! I rock the dual girls too, it's amazing. Not so sure we'll go for a 3rd, most days I find that two is plenty.

The coop is amazing. It's a little chicken barn!

Ginnie said...

Congrats on the little girl! She and Alex will be bff's for the rest of their lives!

Love the chicks. My bro- and sis-in-law have chickens and its so fun to go play with them. They have Rhode Island reds, Polish something-rathers (Black body with white afro), Buffs, and one other breed that I can't remember. I think in total they have close to 20 chickens.

Have you checked out the website www.backyardchickens.com? Very informative and they have coop designs and places for you to show off your coop.

SweetPea said...

SOOO Excited for you!!! My husband has the same reaction when we found out we were having another girl. He was thrilled but scared to death. And he too wants a boy someday which hopefully guarantees us at least 3 kids!

I'm sure Alex and Baby Bird #2 will be best of friends. And I hear you about already knowing how to "do" the girl stuff.

I just want to say though, we are sooooo screwed in about 15 years. Imagine the choas in our houses with 2 girls so close in age in the teen years. Thank goodness for alcohol!!! Congrats again!

Phoenix said...

CONGRATULATIONS on baby girl #2!!!
The chicken coop is awesome!

Elizabeth said...

yay!! congratulations on another girl! i'm sure she will be just as gorgeous as Alex!
such precious pictures of her sleeping!! :)

468ds said...


Crystal said...

Congrats on another baby girl!!! I sooo called it! haha! I've only been wrong a couple times, but hey it was a 50/50 chance of going either way. 'Cept that one time...with the cashier at the grocery store. I'm like "girl, right?" and she replied, "I just had a boy".

WOOPS! I totally learned my lesson then! LOL!

can't wait to hear what name ya'll pick!

(side note: I don't have any kids yet, but I'm sooo trying to convince the bf that we need that kinder glo owl nightlight. not for me of course. for the dogs. =) right?) LOL!

have a great day!

Jess said...

CONGRATULATIONS! My husband and I would both be totally thrilled with two girls! Of course, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself... we don't even know what this one is yet, hah.
Pictures are priceless!
And you are definitely making me want a chicken coop. Good thing they aren't able to be easily moved every 2-3 years, or my hubby would be in trouble. "Come on, honey, it's just another little project..."

C said...

Congrats on a baby girl!!! That is so awesome! A and Babe #2 are going to be BFF.

That chicken coup is bad ass. It makes me want chickens just so I can have one of those!!!