Friday, August 6, 2010

22 weeks

just me today.


side view


full side view


full front view

as you can see i'm rocking the "giant boob" look- my belly button didn't really pop out with alex so i find it amusing.
as does alex- she lifts up my shirt & plays with it. slightly mortifying when we're out in public.

anyway. i'm slightly shocked that i still don't have to break out the maternity stuff- my pants still fit & shirts are still long enough. the boobs are insane but that's to be expected.

tuesday is the big day- so i'll report back asap. however i've been told by all the "knowing" women i work with that i'm carrying a girl.

indeed- apparently my co-workers know all. so we shall see.

weirdly- i feel like i'm carrying much lower, but looking at pictures makes me realize that i'm just as high as last time. so i really have no idea.

what i do know is that baby bird#2 is a mover & a shaker. kick kick kick. i love it. know what else i love? the new Fruit Smoothies from McDonalds. indeed. go get one.

that's all for now. have a great weekend & don't forget to check back on Monday for the giveaway (for real this time)!
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Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

You look perfect! I guess boy for baby bird#2.

kate said...

You look absolutely perfect with your baby belly!

Kim L. said...

Now that is one CUTE belly! The 20's weeks always make for the cutest bellies, IMO. I have no guesses what you're having, because I don't remember if you've mentioned any cravings...that's my only way of guessing!

Crystal said...

im a longgg time reader, but i've never commented. i do think girl as well. cant wait to hear what you're expecting!

btw its b/c of you i have a fascination for birds now. mainly owls. my bf had a thing for owls (being that they're good luck) but after a while i just got obsessed with them. so i thank u, and i think the bf blames you. lol!

Eliza said...

You are so insanely cute! Yay! Many blessings!!!

t.bird said...

thank you ladies! and i'm totally 50/50 on boy/girl. oy!
craving...McDonalds. how aweful!

crystal- as you should! birds are the best :)

Anne said...

You are such a cute pg woman! For real.

I crave those smoothies every time I drive by a McD's billboard! They look good :)

Bekah said...

Im relatively new to your I wasnt around during your last pg, was Alex a kicker? Because to me? That says boy. But...I have never had a girl so really...I have no clue! I cant wait to hear though!

D said...

You look great! And I LOOOOVE the McDonald smoothies. Seriously, my new addiction. I can't wait to hear if this is a little girl or boy birdie!!

Anonymous said...

Prevention is better than cure.............................................................

C said...

You are all belly and it looks like you finally popped from itty bitty belly to cute round belly. :) Can't wait to find out what you are having!

Amber said...

You are adorable. Also I was wondering where you got your shoes, I love them. :o) Congrats on baby #2

t.bird said...

bekah- she was! like insanely so!

Amber- they're Birkenstocks. i had to order them fron Germany to get this style (it was several years ago)!

thanks ladies!

Mrs.Rotty said...

1. how the eff did you get to 22 weeks!?!?

2. you're a freaking dorable. Love the belly.

3. i saw these:
and had to share them with you.

Phoenix said...

WOW, 22 weeks, time’s flying! I loved comparing my pregnancy belly pictures...I was surprised how similar my belly bump was for each of my pregnancies.

I didn’t want to post this on the sleep sack blog since I don’t have a need for one. If you’re looking for something for Baby Bird #2, I SWEAR BY Magic Merlin’s Sleep Suits (! The first night we used it on our second son he went from 3 hours sleep-6 hours sleep…I absolutely LOVED it, it gave the feeling that he was wrapped in our arms sleeping. Oh, it’s not as heavy and thick as it looks, Hayden never woke up in a sweat.