Monday, August 23, 2010

chicken update

so in a matter of 3 weeks that fluffy bummed chicks have gone from tiny & adorable to rather large & somewhat unfortunate looking.

they're in that very awkward stage that all chickens must go through before becoming lean & mean egg layin' machines.

case in point:


this is Francine. she's one of our poofy headed chicks. she and her sister, Hope, are probably the weirdest looking right now. i feel bad for them- but i assure them on a daily basis that they will one day be beautiful.


i have no idea what this one's name is. they're all too young to tell apart (with the exception of the poofy heads) but this one isn's quite as ugly.


one of the New Hampshire Reds. these will be our largest & prettiest chickens by far.
right now they're kinda lumpy & lazy.


and here they all are running & pecking about.
they don't live in the coop yet- we just took them out so they could stretch their wings.
they were a bit panicked & ran to hide underneath the coop- but they'll come around.

and this is the best picture by far:


why? because this was taken while the husband could do nothing about it. because he locked himself in the coop. HA! sucker.
he had to call me on his cell so that i could come outside & free him. i told him he'd better take care of that little problem ASAP.
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Ashley Sisk said...

That's just awesome.

Stephanie @ Confessions of a Trophy Wife said...

Ha! They look like gangly adolescents!

Jess said...

They look like awkward preteens :) But they're still awfully adorable. Are they friendly?

Katie said...

I LOVE them! I think they're SO CUTE at this stage! LOL.
We had (FIL has them now) the big red ones and the other big layers that are white... I can't remember their names hehe.
I really wanted to get some pretty ones with silly feathers and colors, but I got preggo instead... ;) Then we moved to an apartment... so that wouldn't have worked

D said...

hahaha at the hubby! Are the chicks a lot of work to take care of right now?

t.bird said...

Jess- they're pretty friendly. kinda skittish but not mean. they will peck at your fingers & such- rings are their fav!

D- not so bad- more work now than they will be later on (much like kids!)
we have to clean their "tub" and clean out their water thing daily- and they eat a ton (more like waste a ton)
but all in all- not too bad.
the hubs does most of it thankfully!

Random Recycling said...

The pictures of the little chicks are great. It will be cool to see them in a couple of months!

Tiffany said...

Too funny. And I think the little chicks are cute with their fluffy heads. Reminds me of me in middle school.

janineb said...

precious! I love how they are in their awkward pre-teen stage :)

jenn said...

i think your chicks are too cute! esp the fluffy head ones...they look like they have an afro going on~!
and maybe you shouldnt "fix" the chicken coop...if you are ever mad at hubby, just wait for him to go feed/water the chickens...then "accidentally" brush by the door so it shuts!!! hehehe!

Jaime@Georgia365.blogspot said...

Ha! Love that last pic.